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EZiSoul 5 Port USB Charger

Find this product here: EZiSoul 5 Port USB Charger

Like most families nowadays, we have a LOT of devices in the house which are charged via USB cords: phones, tablets, GPS, etc! With that many devices around, there’s just not enough outlets to have each one plugged in separately, not to mention the fact that the large AC adapters often make it difficult to plug everything in at once. This is why USB hubs are so useful – I’ve tried several different hubs over the past couple years, and this one is fantastic! So very happy that I was able to receive this at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

In a compact 3.75″ x 2.25″ x 1″ box, this has 5 USB ports to keep all your devices going. The charger portion is nice looking and very functional, but I think what really sets this apart from other hubs I’ve tried is the cord. I absolutely love that this comes with a 6 foot long cord! This means you can run the cord all the way behind a piece of furniture and have the hub box pop out wherever is most convenient for you. Plus, the thought of the detail of bundling the cord with a heavy duty velcro cord strap. They could have easily skimped and use a twist tie and nobody would have ever noticed the difference, but how nice to have that velcro strap already in place to help prevent cord tangles with your other devices!



Silicone Tea Infuser

Go find this product here: Silicone Tea Infuser

My husband and I recently discovered an amazing selection of bulk loose teas at a local market and have been having a lot of fun trying them out and deciding which are our favorites. I was excited therefore to have a chance to receive this through a promotion in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. First of all, the infuser is just really pretty – the leaf design is so clever and really just an attractive piece to have in your kitchen.

The design is really nice and sturdy – the upper portion is a nice thick and sturdy silicone that easily opens up to allow you place your loose tea into the stainless steel infuser bottom. Just snap it back together and away you go! I really like that it includes a matching drip tray to minimize mess! When I first put the infuser into my cup of hot water, I did have to hold it down a bit to give a chance for air bubbles to escape so that the infuser would sink down in the cup rather than floating on the top. A few minutes later, I had a lovely cup of tea It did a great job of infusing the flavors into my hot water without letting much loose tea through. A few small specks of tea did get through into my mug, but this did not at all detract from enjoying the cup of tea!

The silicone and stainless steel portions are both super easy to clean – just a quick dump of the spent tea leaves into my garbage can and then I simply rinsed both in the sink and any residue came off instantly. This will definitely get a lot of use in our house for a long time to come!

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Delicates Wash Bag

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Go find this product here: Delicates Wash Bag by SKTrendz

I wouldn’t normally think of “cute” as a word to describe a delicate laundry bag, but it is the perfect word for this! The rose print is so pretty and it is really very well made. The fine mesh is soft and the zipper is sturdy – love little extra touches like the elastic to tuck the end of the zipper into (so it doesn’t clink around in our washer/dryer) and the mesh loop to hang the bag for storage or drying. It’s also great that there is a sturdy plastic lattice piece in each end of the bag, which will keep your items from getting totally crushed in the wash cycle.

As you can see in my video, even though it seems small, it can easily fit 2 bras (well at least my size!). It can be useful for so much more than bras as well! Consider using it for:
– Nylon stockings
– Lacy lingerie
– Scarves
– Mittens or gloves
– Tiny children’s socks (my favorite and most frequent use!)

This adorable little bag does a perfect job of keeping delicates safe and untangled. It handles great through my HE frontloader wash cycle. It’s also nice that it’s not just plain white, since it makes it easier to grab and take out if you don’t want to put the contents through the dryer. So happy that I was able to receive this through a promotion in exchange for my honest and unbiased review – it will get a lot of use in our house for a long time!

Yay, I have a blog!

So excited to get started here!  I love reviewing products on Amazon (my reviewer ranking is <9,000), and will be great doing it here on the blog as well.  I have two young kids and 3 cats to keep me crazy busy as well as a full time job as a scientist during the week!  My whole family loves playing games of all kinds (electronic and board or card games).  My husband and I really enjoy cooking and are addicted to many of the culinary competition tv shows.  I also enjoy electronic gadgets, crafting (on my own and with the kids), music, and watching a variety of sports.

Please join me in finding lots of awesome new products!  I’ll do my best to show you all the best (and sometimes worst) features of every one!