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Artist Organizer Arts and Crafts Box by CLD Brands

Get this great product here: Artist Organizer Arts and Crafts Box by CLD Brands


Our house seems constantly clutter and in need of organization, so I was very excited to be able to order this arts and crafts organizing box through a promotion in order to evaluate and provide my honest review. This box is a nice sturdy plastic and I like the easy to use handle and secure clasp to keep the contents safely inside. It’s not huge – smaller than a toolbox – but is a good size for all the tiny pieces that seem to get everywhere from all my kids toys, crafts and other items.


I was originally going to use the box for all the loom bands and other supplies from my daughter’s jewelry making crafts, but then realized for us it would be even more handy to organize all the hair clips, bows, and soft fabric headbands that my daughter has. They always seem to get scattered all over the house and then when she needs something in the morning to get ready for school, it’s a panic to search everywhere for the thing she wants right at that moment! The top tray has 4 small spots that are perfect for her little hair clips, a rectangular space (twice the size of the small slots) that nicely hold a larger set of hair clips, and then a large area that is good for larger accessories like hair bows. That tray then lifts off and the entire bottom of the box is a great size to hold all her headbands! Now everything is together in one place, easily accessible when she’s getting ready for school! The clear plastic makes it easy to see what’s inside at a quick glance. Overall it is well designed and will get a lot of use in our house!


Length: 11″
Width: 5″
Depth: 5″
Top tray is 1.25″ deep


Waterproof Card Holder Case by GoldenEye

Get this great product here: Waterproof Card Holder Case by GoldenEye


When we go to the Jersey shore in the summer, I’m always concerned with how to keep my valuables safe and dry.  If I leave them in the beach bag near our towels and chairs, then someone always has to stay there to watch them, but if I carry them with me down to the water or while hunting for shells with my daughter, they might get wet and sandy.  This GoldenEye waterproof container does a great job at solving this problem!  Honestly I was a bit skeptical at first that it would truly be waterproof – I opened it up, put a small piece of paper inside, and closed the lid.  I submerged the whole container in a bowl of water for a full minute, then took it out and dried off the outside.  When I opened it up, the piece of paper was completely dry!  It’s large enough to hold a small stack of cash and several credit or ID cards – really everything you need for a day at the beach or a hike in the forest.  I will mention that this is NOT large enough to hold a cell phone – would be nice to have a bigger version for electronics!  The blue plastic is a pleasant color and I like that it is transparent so you can see exactly what is inside.  The latch is very easy to operate, and closes securely.  The carabiner clip is also good quality and makes it easy to attach this to my clothes or the strap of my purse or beach bag.  Very glad I was able to order this through a promotion in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.  It will definitely be part of my future beach trip gear!

DIMENSIONS: 3.75” x 2.25”, depth is just short of half an inch.

3 Pack Retractable Utility Knives by Cutter Master Maxx

Get this great product here: 3 Pack Retractable Utility Knives by Cutter Master Maxx

IMG_20150328_075142 IMG_20150328_075100 IMG_20150328_075017

Let’s face it, I order a lot of items from Amazon, and that means a lot of bags and boxes to open.  I knew these box cutters would therefore be really useful to help get into all those important packages.  I’m really pleased with the quality on these.  The handles are comfortable and easy to get a secure grip on – very important when you are dealing with sharp razor blades!  I like how the bottom of the handle curves to fit nicely in your hand – much more comfortable than entirely straight ones I’ve used before.  The blades themselves are very effective at quickly and easily slicing through cardboard or multiple layers of packing tape.  The button to retract the blade in and out of the plastic housing is easy to operate with a single hand, although I wish there were some way that the button could be operated on either side for the benefit of us lefties!  (This is something I’ve found on every box cutter or other retractable knife I’ve ever had – the button or switch is always on the “wrong” side, so I can’t fault Cutter Master for that one!).  It’s really well priced for a pack of three – I like having more than one so that I can keep them handy in different parts of the house!  It’s also great that when the blade becomes dull over time, you just snap off on the nicely scored lines to get a fresh, sharp blade – plus you can see through the open slot on the side if you are running low on refills.  From a safety point of view, it’s great that the blades lock in place as you “click” them out, so they’re not going to suddenly slide all the way out.  Very glad that I was able to order this through a promotion in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.  They will get a LOT of use in my house!

Squirrel Tea Infuser by Decodyne

See this great product here: Squirrel Tea Infuser by Decodyne


My husband and I lately have become loose tea junkies.  We discovered that one of our local markets has a fantastic selection of bulk loose teas and have been sampling many to find our favorite blends.  We have an infuser teapot, but sometimes I just want to make a single cup for myself, so a smaller tea infuser like this silicone squirrel is perfect for the job.  I have several individual tea infusers and this by far is the cutest and most clever design of them all!  I love the way that the squirrel perfectly perches on the edge of my cup, and my two young children are also quite amused at the sight of the squirrel and the way its tail rotates around.  In addition to being pleasant on the eye, this really makes a great cup of tea.  The squirrel’s tail easily pops open to reveal a good sized cavity to easily place your favorite tea leaves.  It is equally easy to attach back together, then all you have to do is fill your favorite cup with hot water, rotate the squirrel’s tail to a downward position, and perch it on the side of the cup.  There are many holes in the tail portion which allows a nice flow for the water to mix with the tea, but are also small enough that no large pieces of tea leaf will escape out into your cup.  The silicone surface is also very easy to clean when you’re done – just dump out the spent tea leaves and give it a quick rinse in the sink!  I’m very glad that I was able to order this through a promotion in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.  It will get a lot of use in our house!

Decodyne Shot Flask – 8oz Flask with a Built-in Collapsible Shot Glass

See this product here: Decodyne Shot Flask – 8oz Flask with a Built-in Collapsible Shot Glass


I enjoy having an occasional “adult beverage”, but have never actually owned my own liquor flask. I was really intrigued by the design of this one with the built in shot glass, so I was pleased to have a chance to order it through a promotion in order to evaluate and provide my honest review. the body of this flask is well constructed. The inner portion is all stainless steel, so you know that it will not change the color or look of whatever liquid you choose to place inside. The outer surface is covered with a nice leather-like material, which makes it comfortable to hold. I really like that the cap is permanently attached to the flask with a handy clip, so you can’t accidentally drop it and don’t have to find someplace clean to put it down while you are pouring. The built in shot glass on the side of the flask is very clever. I am giving this 4 stars mostly because it is difficult to pull the glass out of the side of the flask. It really gets wedged in very tight, so you might need to use some long fingernails or perhaps a small screwdriver to pry it loose. Once it gets a bit loose, it is easy to take out and it behaves much like a plastic travel glass that is sold in toiletry kits, except it is made of nice sturdy stainless steel! It is very easy to place back into the flask when you’re done using it. Overall a very clever design – I just wish they perhaps included a tab or slot to make it easier to grip the shotglass when removing from the flask.

Kuuk Silicone Popsicle Ice Molds

Get this great product here: Kuuk Silicone Popsicle Ice Molds

7kWcPVM7nUARNjxAWHXekR0sQd1HyqXlsYBNxMspi5gQ=w663-h698-no _iQRfU54qpKYmn5UAYNJ5vTp746laRf3UfCDV6LZqEdW=w304-h698-no

I have two young kids and have been thinking for a while about buying a set of silicone popsicle molds. I kept holding back, worrying about some people who said they are prone to leaking, but then when I had a chance to order these through a promotion in order to evaluate and leave my honest review, I was really excited. All of my fears about making a huge mess in my freezer were totally unnecessary! First of all, I love the bright assorted colors, and so do my kids! The silicone is clearly a high quality, just from touching it – very smooth and a nice thickness. As I said in my video, the first thing I did when I got these was to fill one up with water, put the lid on, and shake it vigorously up and down above my sink – not a teensy drop spilled out! There are little ribbed bands along the sides of the lids that do a great job at making sure it gets a tight fit. So once I saw that the water didn’t spill out, I filled on up with orange juice and left in lying on its side in my freezer. A few hours later, no mess at all in my freezer, and I had a delicious, all natural popsicle! I love how easy the tapered silicone shape makes it to push your treat up to the top for easy eating. I can’t wait to use these with other juices, smoothies, and yogurt (or mixes of all three!) all throughout the summer.

Oral Stericlean UV Portable Toothbrush Sanitizer

Find this great product here: Oral Stericlean Uv Portable Toothbrush SanitizerTa6ats01lehgjrGNS7c5YJX1hxZf-7reRlOjsjXupwZQ=w1213-h566-no

Especially during a long cold and flu season, I get so frustrated that I have to keep cycling my toothbrush to feel confident that it is not harboring germs that could get me sick again. I didn’t know there was a solution to this problem until I found out about the Brushbrite UV toothbrush sanitizer. This makes it so super easy to get my toothbrush clean and safe to use. The unit itself is really small and lightweight, which I like because it means it’s also convenient for traveling (and anyone with kids knows how frequently toothbrushes get dropped on the floor when you’re staying at a hotel or friend’s house!). All you need to do is put in 2 AAA batteries and you’re ready to go. The lid easily opens up and there are two rubber grips that you can use to secure your brush in the right position with respect to the UV light. In my case I personally use Sonicare toothbrushes, and the brush head secures nicely using only the top rubber grip. Once you close the lid, the UV light immediately comes on. After 6 minutes, it turns off on its own – you don’t have to sit around waiting to remove your brush. I’m amazed at how simple this is. I’ve now sterilized all the toothbrushes in the house and will continue to do so regularly!


So happy that I was able to order this through a promotion in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.