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Find this great product here: Just Bamboo – 3 Piece Cutting Board Set

My husband and I are both avid cooks and really enjoy spending time experimenting in the kitchen.  It’s hard sometimes to keep up with cleaning everything as you are cooking and we often find ourselves scrambling to find a clean cutting board, so I was really happy to be able to get these through a promotion in order to provide my honest review.  I’ve had a LOT of cutting boards over the years, and most of them have eventually cracked, discolored, or underperformed in some way – this set definitely does NOT fall into the underperform category!  I love the bamboo surface – it’s attractive and also provides a great hard and flat area to work with.  The three sizes are very useful – it’s nice that they don’t take up a ton of counter space and you can choose just how much room you really need.  The smallest ones are also nice for my kids to use when helping out in the kitchen! 


The bamboo material is extremely durable – so far it’s done a great job of resisting showing scratch marks from knives and I really think they will stand the test of time.  I also like how lightweight they are.  In one of my photos you can see the rice krispie treats we made for my daughter to take to school for her birthday.  The medium sized cutting board was the perfect size to cover our 9” square baking pan, so I just loosened the edges of the treats and because the board is so light, it was super easy to put the board on top of the pan and invert the whole thing.  No risk of having them slip onto the counter or floor – got the treats directly onto the board, ready to be cut into squares!


These also look nice enough to use as a cheese board for a party – just arrange a fun assortment of cheeses and maybe some fruit and you know you’re not going to be damaging the surface of a platter with the knife marks!



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