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Find this great product here: Tough Headband: 12-in-1 Headband
At work I really have to keep my hair out of my face for my own safety, so I’m always on the lookout for new and fun products to help with this. I was really happy to get the chance to order this in order to evaluate and provide my honest review. It was so hard to choose among all the fabric options – I ended up going for the purple flower print (called Morning Glory). I am so impressed with how versatile this is – I honestly was just expecting a simple headband, but this is so much more!

IMG_20150301_233546662IMG_20150301_233612719 dzaisYoX7Uzz79TExHILv_49AMv60pkx9BRxpiyznzTV=w391-h695-no

They include helpful little diagrams on the outside of the package showing different ways that you can use it!  It can be a standard headband, a face mask, a scarf, even a ponytail holder! The fabric is a really nice quality – very soft and with a nice elastic stretch to it that helps keep it in place securely wherever you want to position it. The colors on this pattern are very bright and vibrant – really so pretty!  Take a look at my video here to see just how easy it is to use!


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