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Find this great product here: Deanamic Driven Cable Knit Infinity Scarf

This has been a harsh winter, and I’m always looking for good ways to keep warm, so I was excited to have a chance to order this through a promotion in order to evaluate and provide my honest review. I absolutely love this scarf – the fabric is super soft and feels really nice against my skin! It also keeps you super warm, while still being lightweight, a difficult balance to achieve. The cable knit pattern makes it extra special and much more attractive than a plain knit. I got the beige color which is a beautiful light brown and is neutral enough to go nicely with any outfit.


I also love how versatile the infinity scarf style is. As you can see from my photos, there are many ways that it can be worn, and honestly these are just a few of numerous ways to wear and style it! My favorites I think are the simple double wrap around the neck to keep extra warm and wearing it loose around my neck hanging down for a shawl-type look. I also love that it can be worn as a hood so that it acts as a hat and scarf at the same time and if I’m feeling extra fancy I can try the shoulder wrap style in my last photo! I know that I will get a lot of use out of this for many winters to come!

IMG_20150317_215919035 BIYSWczUjFV9QnupixESLE0Y2PkV6HlJIMgdPayiAoz3=w485-h609-no

IMG_20150317_220643991 IMG_20150317_220129768


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  1. debra Saenz said:

    I would love to try this scarf.

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