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Get this great product here: 3 Pack Retractable Utility Knives by Cutter Master Maxx

IMG_20150328_075142 IMG_20150328_075100 IMG_20150328_075017

Let’s face it, I order a lot of items from Amazon, and that means a lot of bags and boxes to open.  I knew these box cutters would therefore be really useful to help get into all those important packages.  I’m really pleased with the quality on these.  The handles are comfortable and easy to get a secure grip on – very important when you are dealing with sharp razor blades!  I like how the bottom of the handle curves to fit nicely in your hand – much more comfortable than entirely straight ones I’ve used before.  The blades themselves are very effective at quickly and easily slicing through cardboard or multiple layers of packing tape.  The button to retract the blade in and out of the plastic housing is easy to operate with a single hand, although I wish there were some way that the button could be operated on either side for the benefit of us lefties!  (This is something I’ve found on every box cutter or other retractable knife I’ve ever had – the button or switch is always on the “wrong” side, so I can’t fault Cutter Master for that one!).  It’s really well priced for a pack of three – I like having more than one so that I can keep them handy in different parts of the house!  It’s also great that when the blade becomes dull over time, you just snap off on the nicely scored lines to get a fresh, sharp blade – plus you can see through the open slot on the side if you are running low on refills.  From a safety point of view, it’s great that the blades lock in place as you “click” them out, so they’re not going to suddenly slide all the way out.  Very glad that I was able to order this through a promotion in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.  They will get a LOT of use in my house!


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