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Get this great product here: Hydracentials Stylish On The Go Lunch Tote


When I am organized enough in the morning to pack a lunch to take to work, I’m never quite sure what to use to transport it back and forth. We have an odd assortment of reusable lunch bags, mostly with corporate logos on them or a bit too small for what I need, and I sometimes end up just resorting to a plastic grocery bag in a pinch. Now that I have this Hydracentials lunch tote, the decision is easy! This is so much nicer and better looking than all of my other options!
m0EG0W7aDXACe9X4JV48lo6ZEUp7UEeE_V-1j0F2NvB-=w914-h761-noI love the stylish design of the Hydracentials bag. It really just looks like a cute little tote bag – not screaming out “This is my lunch!” like so many overly bright and sporty insulated containers. The outer canvas material is thick and sturdy. I probably shouldn’t have used the word “little” earlier, because the other thing I really like is how large this is. Some of my other lunch containers make it hard to hold some of our long, flat Rubbermaid containers, but this is plenty big to hold a full lunch and snacks or even to pack a bunch of snacks for a family outing at the park. You can see in one of my photos that I have a water bottle, and apple, and a square Rubbermaid container and there is so much extra space! The materials feel very sturdy – the inside is lined with a plastic material that helps with insulation and also makes it really easy to clean off any spill or other mess. There is also a handy pocket on the outside that is plenty big for two bottles of water or other small items.
au545K788Wz2pZ0ecn4rWgwdRljIJRq6psoIAd2fg9Mv=w1203-h676-noVery happy that I was able to receive this through a promotion in order to evaluate and provide my honest review. It will get a lot of us for me and my whole family!


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