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Get this great product here: Brio Radius Nail Clippers


In my house, nail clippers are one of those essential tools that always seems to run away and hide when you need it the most. I feel like I need to stock pairs all over the house to make sure there will be one handy, so I was really happy to be able to order this Brio set through a promotion in order to evaluate and provide my honest review. Having used lots of different nail clippers over the years, I can say with confidence that these are top quality. Most importantly, the cutting surface is sharp and even – it does a great job of trimming and shaping my nails with minimal force and without leaving behind jagged edges. I love that there are built in nail files underneath the handle of both clippers. If you look at my photos, that blue oval is the nail file! It is a very fine grain file, nice for polishing edges and quickly taking care of a rough spot here and there.06ih9EoIO_Gd4TxIJ9Hrn2qIsB3WvF1CrY5FQkK3gzbh=w535-h715-no

I think the feature on these that really sets them apart from my other nail clippers, though is the shape and design of the handle (the portion that you push down in order to operate the clippers). I hardly noticed at first that the end tip of this handle is slightly bent upwards – it seems like a very minor detail. Once I tried the clippers, though, I realized how great this design is. The bend provides a specific spot to rest my fingers while I am using them. I find that this makes them extra comfortable to use, and also ensures that my fingers are placed close to the end, where I’m going to get the best cutting motion by pushing down. Sometimes when I’m in a hurry with my other clippers, I end up putting my fingers closer to the cutting portion, and then when I push down it isn’t nearly as effective. With these Brio clippers, I know that I’ll have my fingers positioned correctly every time to get a clean cut.



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