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Get this great product here: Non-stick Square Muffin Baking Pan with Double-sided Spatula by KLE

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I love cooking and baking, especially with and for my kids, so I was excited to be able to order this square muffin pan and spatula set through a promotion in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.  I was really impressed with the look and sturdiness of this pan when it first arrived.  The metal is a nice thickness – no bending at all – and the nonstick surface appears very smooth and nicely uniform.  The spatula is a really clever design – I like the idea of having two rubber blades (one wide and one skinny) on the same handle so you have fewer tools overall to store and keep track of.  I’ve never seen a muffin pan before with square holes – this is a clever design and I like that it’s something a bit different from the ordinary.


Most importantly of course though, is how well it performs for baking.  I made a batch of banana chocolate chip muffins, and as you can see they came out beautifully!  The pan cooked them very evenly – each spot came out to the same perfect doneness.  The nonstick surface did a great job.  I did lightly grease the cups by rubbing on a bit of butter.  After cooking, two of the muffins came out by simply inverting the pan.  With the other ten, I simply used the small end of the spatula to loosen the edges and easily lift out each muffin – none of them stuck or got broken up at all!  I love the way these square muffins look.  They are also convenient for storing in a rubbermaid container, since they are easy to stack.  With the current craze for “cupcake cakes” where you decorate together multiple cupcakes to make shapes and structures, these could be really useful, since they stack and fit next to each other very evenly.  I’m imagining some sort of creative building being made with muffin or cupcake square “bricks”!  The pan was also very easy to clean up – I just used a soapy sponge (non-abrasive since I don’t want to damage the nonstick surface) and it cleaned up beautifully.  The pan is also dishwasher safe, but I chose this time to handwash.


The spatula has a good amount of flexibility to it and works great for mixing, spreading, or scraping.  Overall I’d say this whole set is really well designed and made and I know that I will get a lot of use out of it for many years to come!


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  1. Oh they look delicious, I have never seen square muffins before but it makes sense to make them as they would be easier to store


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