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Get this great product here:  Face Painting Kit by OmegaPetIMG_20150426_141248015_HDR

I have two young kids, and like most kids they absolutely love getting their face or hand painting at a street fair, carnival, or special party, but we’ve never done face painting at home. They were both so excited when this kit showed up – they wanted to get started with it right away! When I opened up the box, I found that each of the 8 colors of paint has a small circular piece of plastic protective film on it. I’m sure it was put there to make sure everything remains in place during shipping, but it was a bit hard to remove. Once I grabbed my fine point tweezers from the bathroom though, it wasn’t too hard to get each of the films off without damaging the paint beneath. In the photo below you can see the plastic film off to the side of the kit.  Beyond that small detail in the way the product is assembled, this is a great kit!

IMG_20150426_141717910I mentioned already that there are 8 colors: red, yellow, light blue, dark blue, purple, green, black, and white. We started out simple with the brush. All I needed to do was use the brush to drop a couple drops of water onto the surface of the pain and it was ready to go. The brush does a nice job of drawing fine lines on the skin and easily rinses off with water to switch between colors. I easily did a heart on my daughter’s hand and then my son asked for “The Hulk”, so I drew a little green person with purple pants – LOL! We also tried out the sponge applicators, which are nice to get coverage of a broader area. My almost 5 year old son actually found that he preferred to use these sponge “sticks” as he had better control with this than the brush (although my 7 year old preferred the brush). Yes, that’s right, I let my kids experiment with the paints on their own arms and hands and they had a BLAST! My daughter even grabbed a hand mirror and drew cat whiskers and ears on her own face – so cute!


It was really fun to watch what they could create. If they needed to “erase” a mistake, a paper towel with warm water took off the paint in a hurry. If the paint was especially dark, a drop of dishsoap helped the erasing be a bit more thorough. When we were all done and they were ready for bed, it was easy to use warm water to rinse off all the fun so it wouldn’t get on their sheets. I will say though that it stayed on surprisingly well for several hours with no smearing or obvious transfer to their clothes, so that is impressive!


This would be a great starter face and body paint kit for a kid’s party or to add extra fun to a Halloween costume. The colors are bright and vibrant with a great range so you can cover pretty much anything your kids desire. Extra brushes might be useful if more than one person is going to want to be painting at once, but any inexpensive fine tip brush from a crafts store will do just fine! My only other comment is that I wish there were a plastic case to store the paints in – for now I just slid the tray back into the cardboard product box, but if I was going to be transporting this around a lot to events or parties it might not wear so well. I’m very glad that I was able to order this as a promotional sample in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.

Video of me and my 4 year old painting a heart on his hand:
Video of my 7 year old painting a flower on her own arm:



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