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Get this great product here: Fulmar Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls


My husband and I do a lot of cooking, and mixing bowls are constantly used for everything from making up cookie or pancake batter to holding a freshly popped batch of popcorn.  I’ve gone through a lot of mixing bowls over the years, many of them plastic that scratch with use and over time become difficult to get fully clean.  This set of mixing bowls from Fulmar puts my old ones to shame.  In fact I’ll be donating the old ones to the thrift store at my first opportunity.  The main portion of the Fulmar mixing bowls is a good quality stainless steel – nice thick metal that is sturdy (no bending or bowing) with a smooth surface that is perfect for when I need to scrape down the sides to get every last bit of cookie dough out.  I love that they have a pour spout molded right into the metal, so that I can easily pour liquids out into another vessel without making a huge mess.

 IMG_20150430_215758716   IMG_20150430_215535459

What makes these even nicer than a plain metal bowl is the silicone added thoughtfully to the handle grip and the bottoms.  Not only does this look nice and add a pretty pop of color to my kitchen decor, it is also just so practical.  I love how the silicone coated bottoms prevent the bowl from slipping around on my countertop, an advantage that is especially useful when my young kids are helping in the kitchen.  The handle grip is great – none of my previous mixing bowls even had a handle, and having a comfortable and sturdy spot on the exterior of the bowl to get a secure grip is just such a good idea.  Without a handle, my options are to put my hands cupped under the sides of the bowl, and risk it slipping out because it’s not a very secure grip or to grasp the upper edge of the bowl, in which case part of my hand has to stick into the inside, possibly getting dirty from the bowl’s contents.  Now that I’ve seen this Fulmar design I can’t help but wonder why none of my previous bowls had a handle – it’s just such a useful design element!  I’m very glad that I was able to order this set as a promotional sample in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.  They will get a lot of use in our kitchen for many years to come!

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  1. Jessica Beavers said:

    Do you think these leave a metallic taste on easily tainted substances, like cookie dough?


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