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Get this great product here: Bradex‎‎ Day & Night HD Clear Visor Protective Screen


With the crazy winter finally behind us, the sun has reappeared, and with it sun glare.  Sometimes sunglasses aren’t enough to combat the sun in the car, so I was really excited to try out this visor attachment. It took me a few tries to figure out the best way to attach, and there was a slight bit of getting used to how or looks while I’m driving, bit within a few minutes I could tell how useful this would be.  It’s very easy to clip this onto my car’s normal visor, then there are two plastic shades that can simply be lowered down to the most convenient angle when needed.  I suggest experimenting a bit first with the car off, to figure out which angles are the most comfortable and useful.  Like I said there are two shades.  The light grey one comes down first and shoes a great job of reducing glare on a sunny day.  Basically like an extra pair of sunglasses.  Then the yellow shade comes down over the grey one.  This one is to use at night, since the crazy brightness of oncoming headlights can be as dangerous as the midday sun.


When I took this out of the box, there were protective films on both sides of each screen. These folks deceptively made it look like the plastic shades were scratched, but once the films were easily pulled off, the screens were in perfect condition.

IMG_20150430_095326728_HDRI’m so glad that I have this now.  It is so easy to use and really increases my safety when driving in the sun.  In fact just today I started driving and it didn’t seem like I even needed my sunglasses.  A few minutes later the sun suddenly peaked out from behind the clouds and it wasn’t really safe for me to grab my sunglasses case to switch from my regular glasses to my prescription sunglasses.  So instead I just flipped down the sunglare visor and it was just perfect to cut down on the glare so I could see clearly until I could safely get to my sunglasses.  I’m very glad I was able to order this as a promotional sample in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.



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