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Get this great product here: Bluetooth Headphones by Sentey


When these Senty headphones first showed up, I was immediately impressed with their look and design. They come with a really nice sturdy case which is perfect to store and protect the headphones, especially is I want to take them on the go. There is plenty of room in the case to keep the cords for the headphones as well – in fact it could even fit an iPod or other small items. It’s so cool the way that one side is the headphones fold up to make them more compact for storage. They are very comfortable to wear – I love the thick cushioning around the earpieces. They are easy to adjust in size by pulling on the headband portion. I have a relatively small head and for me I don’t need to pull them out at all – the small default size works fine.
IMG_20150503_201010998I really like that these can be used as BOTH Bluetooth or direct audio cable plugin headphones. All the other headphones I have do only one or the other. I’ve used them in both modes and the audio quality is really impressive! Unlike some of my other earphones or headphones, there is no static or low “hiss” at all when audio is not being played but the headphones are turned on – this is a huge plus to me! To turn the headphones on, I just need to hold down the power button for a couple seconds. The headphones actually announce “power on” (in a soft voice) and then say “pairing”. It was very easy to pair them with my Android smartphone – my phone instantly recognized the headphones as a nearby new device and connected right away. The volume up and down buttons work perfectly with my phone, and when I listen to music through the Google Music app, holding down the volume up and down buttons makes them work as rewind and fast forward. If I want to use them with my laptop or another device with an audio input, I just use the included audio cable to plug in from the bottom of the left earpiece to my device. Again the audio quality is great, although in this mode the volume and ff/rewind controls are not active! If I really crank up the volume there is some noise that can be heard by people nearby, but at a more normal volume the sound is nicely isolated to the person wearing the headphones. When I’m all done, pressing down the power button for a couple seconds turns them off. Also included is an USB to audio cord to recharge the headphones (necessary for the Bluetooth mode). The power cord plugs in through the same port as the audio cable and the USB end can plug into my computer or a USB AC adapter.
IMG_20150503_201134563These really are a great set of headphones and know that I am going to get a LOT of use out of them (if I can keep my daughter from nabbing them – she already asked if she can have them!).

I’m very happy that I was able to order these as a promotional sample in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.


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