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Get this great product here: Del Sol Color Changing Nail Polish


I enjoy using nail polish when I can find the time, and my kids absolutely love painting their nails – the more sparkly and bright, the better! I was so intrigued when I saw this Del Sol nail polish – I’d never heard of polish that changes colors with exposure to sunlight! It wasn’t easy to decide amongst their different beautiful color options, but I eventually went with Sweet 16. This color is a clear sparkly polish without sun exposure and changes to a dark pink or light red in the sun. My kids and I both love how well this works! It is so much fun to watch the polish transform, and experiment with seeing how much sunlight is needed to start the color changing. It takes a few moments, but then you can literally watch the color transform, from clear to light pink and continue to get darker and darker the longer we keep our nails in the sunlight! The sun exposure does not have to be direct – being inside next to a sunny window is plenty to get the color change to activate!


Because this particular shade is clear without sunlight, it actually acts as a really cool topcoat as well! Without sun it just looks like a glitter topcoat, but if it’s used over a light colored polish, the color change is very evident in the sun! I’d suggest going with a very light color underneath for this use – I tested it out with dark purple, bright blue, and white polishes. While the sparkle showed up nicely with all of them, the purple was too dark to be able to see the color change. The blue showed a bit of change, but very subtle. The change from clear to red though was really great on top of the white polish! My daughter was so excited that she even took it into show and tell at school, to show all her friends how her nails change color when she gets in the sun!

I’m so happy that I was able to order this for free as a promotional sample in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.


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