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Get this great product here: WAFF Glitter Journal Notebook


When I saw this notebook I had a feeling that my daughter would absolutely love it, and I was so right! The design of this is so clever – very creative and pretty while also being really functional. Inside the pages are fairly standard – a nice weight paper, lined on both sides, with plenty of room for note taking, journaling, or other writing needs.IMG_20150509_100440891

What really makes this unique though is the cover! First of all, the cover is made out of soft, squishy, flexible silicone and I love that the colors have glitter mixed into them. All along the front and back covers are grids of squishy square bumps that stick out slightly – it looks almost lego-like. Then there is a package of thin silicone squares in a variety of bright colors that have letters boldly printed on the front. These squares easily fit over the bumps on the notebook cover. In fact they go on so easily that even my 4 year old was getting in on the act! My daughter had a blast trying out several different combinations of phrases and letters, and it’s great that she can change what it says whenever she wants to.IMG_20150509_100539900

Finishing off the clever design are two larger pieces of the thin silicone that have three rows of 2 squares each. These pieces are perfectly sized to hook from the front to the back of the notebook, effectively “locking” the book shut, plus they add some extra color to the mix which simply looks cool!

My daughter has already started using this as her journal and I look forward to seeing how her creative mind continues to add to this fun book for a long time to come!

 I’m very happy that I was able to order this for free as a promotional sample in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.


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