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I always seem to struggle with keeping things organized in all facets of my life, and in my car that often results in things being a bit more messy than I’d like, with tissues, fast food bags, and other garbage sometimes ending up scattered on my passenger’s seat or just stuffed into a random grocery bag. I used to have a nylon trash bag that was hanging on the back of my passenger’s seat, but it wasn’t very sturdy and just didn’t stand the test of time. When I saw this car trash bag, I was hoping it would be a good solution, but didn’t want to get my hopes up too much. When I first opened it up, I was SO impressed! This is larger and much more sturdy that I could have hoped for. The thick canvas material is joined at the seams with attractive and high quality piping and there is even a metal frame inside the upper rim. It is large enough that I can use a standard plastic grocery bag as a liner for ease of disposal of waste, but if I don’t have a bag handy, the inside is also a nice slick plastic surface that is really easy to wipe down and disinfect from any contamination from trash. There are velcro strips on the upper rim of the bag to help keep it closed if it’s just being stored or if I have someone sitting in the back seat and don’t want them to see all my garbage! In order to easily keep the back in place, there is an adjustable nylon strap with a plastic clip that can be used to secure the bag around the headrest of the driver or passenger seat. I find that when I put it on the back of the passenger seat in this way, I can easily and comfortably reach the bag from the driver’s seat. On top of how useful this is for providing a safe place for my personal trash, I love that there are two built in mesh pockets (one on either side) that are perfect for holding a water bottle. I’m also thinking of storing some pens and pencils in one of them, since it always seems that I need one handy and can’t quickly find something to write with in the car!

I’m very happy that I was able to order this for free as a promotional sample in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.


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