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Get these great products here: Birthstone Necklace and Birthstone Earrings, both by William Wang Designs

I am always a bit nervous to order jewelry online, since it’s so hard to judge quality from just a photo, but I decided to take a chance on these William Wang Designs earrings and necklace with Swarovski crystals and I am so glad that I did! I am so impressed with the quality and care that was clearly put into the design of this jewelry set. Even the way they showed up in a beautiful William Wang Designs white jewelry box shows that these are something special – and the box makes them perfect for a gift too!


This necklace is really top quality, from the pendant to the chain to the clasp! I love that instead of a cheap link chain, they include a beautiful silver rope chain, with a generously long set of extender links at the end so that I can customize how long I want the necklace to be so it goes perfectly with every outfit. The lobster style clasp is very sturdy and easy to use. Then of course there is the main focal point – the pendant! What a gorgeous design! The platinum finished metal is thick and sturdy and I love how the entire pendant can rotate forward from the loop that holds it on the chain. With that plus the teardrop dangle that also moves freely, it’s so nice the way that the whole necklace moves as I walk or dance along!


The earrings as well as beautifully made. The posts are extremely sturdy with nice quality backings that stay on perfectly. The design of the earring itself is so clever – it’s almost like it’s combining a post earring with a dangly style, because the entire earring front can move from front to back, rotating away from the post. A nice extra bonus of this is that the post actually can collapse to be totally flat against the front of the earring, which is great for storage and travel! The teardrop silver charm piece also moves freely at the bottom of the earring, so the whole set just has wonderful movement as I walk!


Then there is the crystal itself on both pieces – these are a beautiful example of Swarovski crystal! I love the way it is cut and the colors are so vibrant! I chose the Alexandrite June stone, which is not my actual birthstone, but I just love how the lavender/pink stones seem to change color as they move, with hints of green and grey!

Both pieces are  casual enough that I can wear it to work, but can also dress up for a special event. In fact I’m thinking of wearing the earrings and necklace together to an out of town wedding next month!

I’m so glad that I was able to order these at a promotional discount in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.

Let me know what you think!

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