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Get this great product here: Lint Remover By Furzie
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We have three cats in the house, and with the weather suddenly warming up after a long winter, their shedding has gone into overdrive! I was just saying that I needed to find something to keep the cat hair under control when I found out about this Furzie lint remover, and was excited to give it a try. The Furzie is a very different design from any lint brush I’ve ever tried. At first glance it is reminiscent of a hairbrush, with a skinny handle and a head with many rows of bristles. The brush portion has long red bristles that are soft and very densely packed together.
IMG_20150520_180504725_HDR IMG_20150520_180459174
When I first opened up the Furzie I immediately tried brushing off my shirt and was amazed at how much cat fur quickly gathered on the soft bristles! I didn’t even think my shirt at the time had much cat fur on it, but apparently I was wrong!  Wow!
Then to get the fur off, I can either gather it up with my fingers off the brush or (even easier) just give it a quick rinse in the sink and allow it to air dry so it’s ready to use again. I’m amazed that it actually dries back to the same texture with no clumping of the bristles. It’s much easier than those old sticky rollers that you have to buy refills for or the old fashioned lint brushes that I always had to really work at to remove all the lint or fur.  This is seriously the best lint remover for cat fur that I’ve ever tried!I’m very glad that I was able to order this at a promotional discount in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.


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