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Get this great product here: Ladybug Tooth Fairy Pillow by Loveable Creations


My seven year old lost her first two teeth last year. The first one took me totally by surprise (and her too – she hadn’t realized it was loose until the day it came out!), so I suddenly had to scramble to get ready for the tooth fairy to make a visit. I wish I had already ordered this Loveable Creations tooth fairy pillow back then – it would have made things so much easier! She has two loose teeth right now – one of them so crazy loose that I was afraid it would fall out before this pillow even arrived, but luckily for us it’s still hanging on! She is SO excited about using this adorable ladybug pillow when that tooth finally falls out. She helped me choose the design as well – it wasn’t an easy choice (she really liked the monkey and purple owl too), but we’re both really happy with the ladybug. The antennae and color spots are great accents – so cute! I love the design – it is made of soft, sturdy felt and nicely stitched around all the edges. The tooth shape with the ladybug theme is so clever. The best part though is the sewn on felt envelope-style pocket on the back – a perfect size to hide that precious tooth! The pillow is soft enough that my daughter can have it in her bed if she wants, and big enough that the tooth fairy can leave behind a note and some sort of reward under the pillow in exchange for the tooth. The tooth fairy should be visiting our home any day now, and I’m really looking forward to having “her” use the Loveable Creations pillow this time around!

 I’m very glad that I was able to order this as a promotional sample in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.



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