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Get this great product here: Quality Thermal Laminating Pouches by Space Evolution


We bought a small laminating machine a couple years ago in order to be able to preserve some of our kids’ special artwork and to help with other household documents. I was excited to try out these Space Evolution laminating pouches. At only $12 for a pack of 100, it’s a great deal. I didn’t have any important papers that needed laminating right this second, so I decided to make something fun for my kids. They LOVE My Little Pony, so I printed out graphics of the characters and put them into one of the Space Evolution pouches. I like that they include a heavy weight paper sleeve in the box that I could lay out on the table with the laminating pouch on top of it to help line up the items and make sure the pouch doesn’t pick up dust and dirt. It runs very smoothly through our laminator and the plastic melts together just as it should to make a durable coating to protect the piece of paper. These work just as well as the expensive name brand ones, so why pay the extra money?


I’m very glad that I was able to order this as a promotional sample in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.



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