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Get this great product here: Furniture Afterlife, Professional Wood Polish & Conditioner by Leather Afterlife


We bought a nice hardwood dining table and chair set a couple years back, and I’ll admit that I haven’t done the best job continuing to care for the wood, so I was happy to try out this Furniture Afterlife wood polish and conditioner to help give them some extra care. After treating the set with the Furniture Afterlife, I’m really pleased. First of all it is extremely quick and easy to use. A small hole in the cap makes it simple to dispense a small amount of the liquid at a time. I simply used a folded up paper towel as an applicator, doing a bit at a time until all the surfaces were treated. It goes on easily and does not leave behind an oily residue. The paper towel definitely showed evidence of all the dirt and grime that this helped to clean off, as it was also conditioning the wood. I was impressed with instantly how much brighter the wood’s finish looks after treating with the Furniture Afterlife. It somehow gives the wood back its natural sheen and makes the natural grain really stand out. In addition, small nicks and scratches are much more blended in with the rest of the wood and do not show up as obviously after being conditioned. I will definitely continue to use this on all of my wood furniture to keep it in good shape.


I’m very glad that I was able to receive this as a promotional sample in order to evaluate and provide my honest and unbiased review.


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