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Get this great product here:  AGPtek Wireless In-Car Bluetooth FM TransmitterIMG_20150625_120822133_HDR Having an older car (a 2004 Toyota Corolla), I wish that I had the now-standard feature of a direct input jack so that I could listen to audio from my phone and take phone calls directly through my car stereo, so I was excited to order this Bluetooth FM Transmitter by AGPtek. The product itself seems to be sturdily made and I like that the instructions are well written and easy to follow. It was quick and easy to pair the transmitter via Bluetooth with my Android smartphone. The front panel clearly displays the 6 different choices of FM frequencies to use to transmit the audio through to my car stereo (87.5, 89.0, 90.5, 104.8, and 107.5). At first I was afraid that this was going to be a problem for me. First of all, my Corolla’s factory car stereo is able to tune into specific FM frequencies that end in an odd number after the decimal point. I therefore can’t tune directly to 89.0 or 104.8. If I go one tenth down (88.9 or 104.7) I get a bit of the signal from the transmitter, but there are also radio stations that interfere at these frequencies – they don’t come in totally clear, but are strong enough to cause issues. Also the lowest FM frequency that my car stereo will tune to is 87.7, so it is impossible for me to even try the 87.5 option! That leaves me with 90.5 and 107.5 as my best options. Unfortunately in my area there is a station on the dial at 107.5, so this one doesn’t work at all. I was concerned that 90.5 would also be a no go, because it does get a tiny bit of a static-y signal, but luckily the localized signal from the FM transmitter is enough to override this! Once the transmitter was plugged in and paired with my phone at 90.5, my stereo gave total silence until I start something up to make noise on my phone, so I figured I was finally going in the right direction!


If I open my up the music player app on my phone, I can now play my digital music directly through the car stereo, which is really handy. My favorite use of this, however, is for hand free phone calls. I can call my husband if I run into bad traffic on the way home from work and be confident that it’s safe to do so while I’m driving! The sound quality on both ends is great – his voice comes through clearly on the car stereo and he says he can hear me quite clearly as well. The tall button on the transmitter can be used to answer phones with a single push, and a double push automatically redials the last called number, which is a very handy feature.

It’s also really nice that there is a USB port on the side of the “stick” portion of the FM transmitter. This isn’t even mentioned in the instructions, but I think this is an excellent feature, because it means that even though the AC port is being used in the car, I can plug something else in to charge (like my phone) via a USB cord.

All in all this seems like a well designed and very useful product, although I would suggest that potential customers check the 6 frequencies first in their car radio to see which of them they can tune into without getting a strong radio signal.

I’m very glad that I was able to order this as a free promotional sample in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.


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