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Get this great product here: Beach Toy Set in Reusable Zippered Bag by Prextex

My kids absolutely playing at the beach and sand toys are an absolute must for any day at the shore. My 4 year old especially could literally spend hours digging and exploring in the sand, so I was really excited to try out these Prextex beach toys. First of all, as a Mom I love that the entire set comes with its own reusable zippered case. The handles are really useful to help with transportation and the fact that it is clear makes it easy to make sure that all the toys are accounted for!


From when I first opened the case it was clear that these are really nice quality. The plastic on all the pieces is thick and sturdy – not like some flimsy little beach toys we’ve had over the years that break or bend with gentle use. There is so much in this set, so let me just go through each piece.


First there are animal shaped sand molds: What a cute collection of 5 colorful animals molds (turtle, dinosaur, rabbit, crocodile, and alligator)! I like all the little details in the designs (the lines on the turtle’s back, scales on the croc, etc.) that all come out really nicely if you press wet sand into them and then unmold the sand. I know from experience that this can be a bit frustrating for young kids – it’s tough at first to figure out how wet the sand needs to be to get all the details, but still be able to unmold easily, but with a few tries it comes out great!

IMG_20150626_232328984-1 IMG_20150626_232258400

Any time playing in the sun needs tools to help scoop and dig, so there is a small shovel and rake which are a good size for small hands. These are just as sturdily made as all the other pieces. I like that the “teeth” on the rake are curved downwards so that it really digs into the sand well, and also can be used to leave cool looking patterns in the sand! There is also an adorable little watering can which is fun for the kids and actually useful to help get sand to the right level of wetness for molding and sculpting.

IMG_20150626_232043556 IMG_20150626_232226216

Then what time playing in the sand is complete without a sand castle? There is a small castle mold that would be cute to put on top of a larger structure and a neat mold that almost looks like the Taj Mahal – very different! Then it is so clever that the bucket part does *triple* duty here as first a bucket, second a really awesome castle block mold (love the details on the bricks and the little door with steps!), and last (but definitely not least!) there is a really unique sifter top that snaps onto the castle bucket to help separate sand from all the fun treasures that kids love to find at the beach!

 This would be a fantastic set just with all these toys, but in addition there is also a mesh drawstring bag to use at the beach. It’s made out of a stretchy nylon mesh with holes large enough that at the end of the day, we can load in some of our extra beach supplies and give it some good shakes, and most of the excess sand will just fall through the holes in the mesh so that we don’t have to transport home the whole beach! At 17” by 15” the bag is not going to hold our family’s full beach supplies, but it’s a nice size for one of my kids to use for their extra clothes and a towel.

I’m very glad that I was able to receive this as a free promotional sample in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.


Let me know what you think!

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