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Get this great product here: Falcon Zero F170 Full-HD Wide Angle Dashcam


Dashcams seem to be all the rage now, so I was so excited to try out this Falcon Zero full HD dashcam.  I’m not planning to be in any high speed chases anytime soon, but I figure there are lots of everyday uses that it could be really useful for.  When I first opened up the package I was really impressed with how nice the camera and its accessories are.  It’s clear that the manufacturer really put attention into lots of little details.  For example, the USB charging cable that is included is VERY long (10 ft) so it can be clipped up to run around the edge of your car instead of hanging down over the dashboard where it can be a vision obstruction.  There is also a separate GPS sensor which plugs into the dashcam (and which also has a fairly long cable) – I love that in addition to recording audio and video this can record my position throughout a drive.


The display on the camera itself is easy to ready and navigate.  If you want to navigate through the menus on the software interface, there are options to change such as how long it continues recording after I turn off the car and how long each video clip segment is in the recording.  However, it also works beautifully straight out of the box, without taking the time to look through the options and menus.  The one thing I would recommend setting right away is the date and time, so that the videos you take are correctly timestamped.


The Falcon Zero dashcam comes with directions of how to download software for either PC or Mac to review the recorded videos.  I have a Mac laptop and am really impressed with the software.  I was afraid at first there would be one huge video clip that I had to look through the whole thing, but it is great the way that it is broken down into 3 minute segments.  All I have to do is scan my cursor over the clips and it shows the video moving as I scan, so it is easy to identify a segment of interest.  The video quality is excellent – definitely the full HD 1080 p that is advertised.

While this dashcam works great in my car, it also can be used for home use if desired.  All that is needed is a standard USB/AC charging adapter.  I have several of those at home and realized when I first received the camera that this might be the perfect solution to a problem we were having.  Just a few days prior, we started finding cat poop right next to our basement litter box and my husband and I couldn’t tell which our three cats was doing this.  Luckily the litter boxes are right next to the sliding glass door in our basement, so I used the suction cup mount to attach the dashcam to the window glass, plugged the USB cord into an AC adapter, aimed it down towards the litter boxes, and went to sleep for the night.  The next morning, there was indeed a poop where we didn’t want it, so we went to the camera!  I find for whatever reason that if I plug the dashcam directly via USB into my computer, my laptop doesn’t recognize that there is a device with files, but if I remove the micro SD card and put it in a card reader, it works perfectly.  Then I just opened up the Falcon Zero software.  The interface shows a grid of video clips, each 3 minutes long, and we just scanned the cursor over the video clips until we found the critical moment.  Indeed we were able to identify the culprit feline and take her into the vet to see if we could figure out what was going on.

This overall is a very high quality product with high quality bundled software – what a great package!

I’m very glad that I was able to order this at a promotional discount in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.


Let me know what you think!

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