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Get this great product here: Weight Gurus Digital Bathroom Scale


Ok, I’ll admit it, I could really stand to lose a few pounds.  Like many, many others out there, it’s hard though to keep the motivation going to keep active and eat right.  I was excited therefore to order this Weight Gurus Digital Bathroom Scale, hoping that it would help me stay a bit more on track with my fitness goals.  This scale is extremely easy to get set up right out of the box.  The instructions are extremely clearly written, which is a big plus (so many products nowadays have instruction manuals that leave me scratching my head!).  There is a peel off plastic piece right on the scale that showed me where to go to download the app that goes with the Weight Gurus scale.  I was easily able to install the Android app and get it started.  There is a small plastic tab to pull on the back of the scale (nice since that way I know that the battery isn’t half run down by the time it gets to me), then it’s ready to go.


I just have to tap the scale with my foot to turn it on.  The first time I use it, I can set my “user number”, since the app can track multiple users, but for now I’m just doing it for myself (my husband hasn’t yet joined the smartphone era).  Then as with any scale I step on and wait a few seconds and it displays my weight in easy to read large numbers with a bright blue backlight.  Then it changes to a pixelated image on the screen – this is what interacts with the app.  Rather than connect to my phone via Bluetooth, I just tap a button in the app and “scan” this image on the scale, and the phone imports the weight with a time stamp.  It’s much like scanning a QR code.  I like this since I don’t always keep Bluetooth turned on on my phone to save battery life, although I suppose with the Bluetooth it would be easier to use this for both me and my husband, since the scale would save the info until I could be near it with my phone.


The first time I launched the app it asked me for basic info like my first name and gender and gave the option of entering a goal weight.  I did enter a goal that I’d like to reach, so now it shows my progress towards that goal with a graph and showing what percentage of the amount towards the goal I’ve achieved.  I’m hoping that this visual reminder of my progress will help to motivate me to do a bit better fitness wise.
I’m very glad that I was able to order this as a free promotional sample in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.


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