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Get this product here: GOOLOO Quank 4500 mAh Quick Charge Power Bank

I have more mobile devices in the house than I can keep track of sometimes, so power banks are a must to make sure they all keep running, especially when I’m out away from home. I really like the GOOLOO bank’s gold color and its shape is comfortable to hold onto. I do have to mention that the product title may be a bit confusing, as some people may purchase it expecting that it will charge your devices more quickly than a normal power bank. This is not the case, and indeed if you scroll down to the full product description it makes it clear that they are referring to charging of the bank itself, not the mobile devices. In fact, the bank comes with two cords: a standard micro USB cord and an alternate 14V cord that plugs into a car AC adapter. If you use the car charging cord, then yes this bank charges up quite fast, which is a nice plus when I’m on the go and need to recharge, although using the standard micro USB it is the same kind of charging speed I’d expect from my other banks. I do have an adapter so I can use the car plug at home, but that’s not included here – I just happen to already have one in the house.


As far as charging my devices, this bank will charge up my Moto G Android phone, increasing the battery charge of the phone by 1% in about 2 minutes on average. This is about average of the various power banks I’ve tried. The best of them are around 1 minute per 1% battery, while the worst can be up near 4 or 5 minutes. 4500 mAh is an ok, but not huge charging capacity. It does seem a bit heavy to me for being only 4500 mAh. Starting with the GOOLOO bank fully charged, it charged up my Moto G to full capacity and still had 2 of its charge lights left on, so it could probably get my phone charged a second time without recharging the power bank. All in all I‘d say this is a decent and nicely designed power bank with average times to charge mobile devices. The option to charge via the 14V car adapter cord is nice, although only works in the car or with an extra adapter to use at home.

I’m very glad that I was able to order this as a free promotional sample in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.


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