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Get this product here: 3 My Little Pony Surprise Eggs by Bon Bon Buddies

I have two kids who are absolutely obsessed at the moment with My Little Pony, so I was so very excited to order these surprise eggs and see their reaction! I know that these kinds of eggs are really fun and popular right now – in fact we got Kinder Surprise eggs recently while in Canada (which are unfortunately illegal in the US due to a provision about the toys being physically inside the edible chocolate), so I knew from our trip how much fun it is to watch them open up the eggs. These surprise eggs are light purple plastic filled with My Little Pony goodies. They were very easy for my young kids to open, which is always a plus.


Each of our eggs has a small packet of light pink candy hearts and a sticker (we happened to get three of Pinkie Pie!). Then there is a little toy prize in each one (and a small paper insert which shows the possible toys). We got all three of the small plastic photo frames with one or two My Little Pony characters pictured on each.

My kids had a lot of fun opening them up, although I have to admit that they weren’t overly thrilled with the contents. The little pictures are cute and will probably end up on my daughter’s dresser or desk, although I wish they were more of an interactive toy like a figure of one of the characters.

I’m very glad that I was able to order this at a promotional discount in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.


Let me know what you think!

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