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Get this great product here: Foldable Silicone USB Wired Keyboard by Karnotech


I’ve been having trouble lately with the keyboard on my MacBook Pro laptop, so it was perfect timing for me to try out this flexible silicone USB keyboard from Karnotech. This keyboard is extremely easy to start using – I simply plugged in the USB cord (which is a nice length) to my laptop and the computer immediately sensed a new keyboard input device. The Mac wizard required me to just press a few specific keys so it could identify the keyboard layout, then I was all set to go. In fact, I’m using the Karnotech keyboard right now to write this review! I love the soft feel of the silicone keys. They are really easy to press, which is great given that I deal every day with joint issues in my hands and arms. The molded silicone is all one piece, so there are no gaps under the keys for dust and dirt to get trapped, like on my computer (I believe that trapped cat fur is a big part of the issues with my laptop). I also like that this is a full sized keyboard – I’ve tried some other portable keyboards that are “mini” sized, and those are a bit hard to type quickly and accurately on, but with this keyboard, it feels totally natural and I can type as quickly as I would directly on my laptop. It even has a full sized number pad to the right of the standard letter keys and has a full array of function keys. I should note for other Mac users that the key with the Windows logo acts as the command button when this keyboard is used on a Mac. It’s also really cool that the flexible silicone can be rolled up to place in my laptop case or otherwise pack for traveling.


I’m very glad that I was able to order this as a free promotional sample in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.


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