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Mycestro, the Wearable Gesture Based Mouse

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Get this great product here: Mycestro, the Wearable Gesture Based Mouse

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I’ve been dealing with a lot of discomfort and difficulties in my hands and arms on and off for several years and was looking around for alternative mousing devices when I saw the Mycestro. I was really intrigued by the unique design and thought this might be useful since it would use a very different kind of muscle movement than a normal mouse or trackball (and changing up the muscles used can help to prevent repetitive stress injury issues). Now that I’ve had a chance to use this for a while, I’m really impressed and can tell that a lot of thought went into the design and materials used for the Mycestro.

The device itself is quite simple visually. There is a loop on the back made from a flexible material that can easily be belt to mold to the shape and size of my finger so it stays in place securely. I should mention that the Mycestro is specifically designed to be used on either the right or left hand (I have the right hand model) – since the thumb needs to be in contact with the buttons to make it work, it is not reversible (although if they could figure out a way to make it symmetrical for future models, that would be awesome!). There are 3 buttons, which correspond to left click, right click, and double click. On the back of the device is a micro USB port – all I have to do is plug in a micro USB cord (one is included with the Mycestro) and it charges up easily. Another suggestion I would make is that it would be great to have an actual on/off switch or button so that it is not always “on” and draining battery power, even when not in use. The other thing included with the product is a USB dongle which is what connects the Mycestro to my computer, just as you’d expect with a standard wireless mouse or keyboard.

There is definitely a learning curve to using the Mycestro and I would suggest giving yourself some time to get used to how the motion of your hand corresponds to the motion of the cursor. I had an issue where the cursor kept drifting to the right when I wasn’t moving my hand at all. I contacted the seller and they quickly directed me to a document that showed how to recalibrate the device, which immediately solved the issue. Once it was calibrated properly, I quickly figured out how to move the cursor around. Moving my hand slowly causes short, fine movements, while quick hand motions make the cursor move further across the screen. I should mention that the cursor ONLY moves when my thumb is in contact with some part of the buttons. It takes some practice to touch the button area without accidentally clicking the mouse!

It seems at first like it may be awkward to fully use my computer, including the keyboard, with the Mycestro, but in reality it works quite well. The Mycestro is extremely lightweight (only according to my kitchen scale) and covers a small portion of one finger, so it actually is quite possible to use my keyboard normally with it on, although it may take a bit of getting used to and experimenting with exactly where on the finger is best to position the Mycestro.

All in all I’m really happy with this and like having an alternative to the trackpad on my laptop that is less stressful on my hands!

I’m very glad that I was able to order this as a free promotional sample in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.


Caring Corners By Hamptons Baby Co.

Get this great product here: Caring Corners By Hamptons Baby Co.

IMG_20150921_241233502 IMG_20150921_241215134_HDR

These Caring Corners corner guards by Hampton Baby Company have solved a safety issue that we’ve been dealing with in our house for a long time!  The corner of our kitchen counter passthrough area is quite hard and sharply pointed and this portion of the counter is at a perfect height for our kids (5 and 7) to accidentally hit their heads if they aren’t paying close attention.  We’ve tried a number of different things over time, including getting desperate and taping a cloth over the corner, which of course is not the most attractive.  The Caring Corners are a perfect solution here and they look great too!  The product has three sides, all made of a clear “bubble” like cushiony material.  All I had to do was peel off the three adhesive strips and press the Caring Corner onto the kitchen counter.  I love that I can see the pattern of our countertop through the product – you really hardly even notice them if you’re not looking for it.  Now I know that my kids will be protected if they accidentally bump against the counter!

IMG_20150921_241341779 IMG_20150921_241314023

I’m very glad that I was able to order this at a promotional discount in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.

Gwee Gym Total Body Resistance Workout Kit

Get this great product here: Gwee Gym Total Body Resistance Workout Kit
 I’ve been dealing off and on for years with discomfort from tendon and muscular issues in my arms and hands, which sometimes makes it difficult for me to use traditional exercise equipment. When I saw the design of this Gwee Gym system, though, I really was optimistic that it might be just what I needed to help reinforce some of the stretching exercises I’ve done through physical therapy as well as giving me an easy way to incorporate some regular exercise into my daily routine at home. The Gwee Gym product itself is very cleverly designed and I’m really impressed with the quality of how it is constructed. There are two sturdy plastic handles, which are molded nicely to be able to easily and comfortably grip in my hands. When I pull them apart, they are attached by a thin metal cord, which provides some resistance to the whole system.

I really like that it includes a DVD with a variety of quick and easy to follow exercise routines. They even include a routine that can be done for rehab by people with limited mobility who might only be able to do seated position exercises. The DVD routines are lead by an upbeat and charismatic man who offers lots of encouragement as he shows very clearly how to do each exercise. He even points out some variants to some of the moves as demonstrated by his female partner.

I’m finding the Gwee Gym to be an excellent complement to my physical therapy exercises. Hopefully as I gain strength in my arms and hands over time I’ll be able to explore more and more of the possible ways to use this cleverly designed equipment.

I’m very glad that I was able to order this as a free promotional sample in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.

Evolution of Man to Iron Man Shirt by AW Fashions

Get this great product here: Evolution of Man to Iron Man Shirt by AW Fashions


My husband and son are both huge Marvel superhero fans, so when I saw this cleverly designed t-shirt from AW Fashions, I knew it would be a hit in our house!  The red background is nice and vibrant and the cotton fabric seems like a good quality that will stand up over time.  My husband loves the bold black design and my (5 year old) son was so excited when I first showed it to him – he recognized Iron Man immediately!  The design shows the black silhouettes first of 5 figures, representing the evolution from apes to early hominids to modern day humans, then the sixth figure shows Iron Man facing forward with his hand poised to use his repulsor beam.  It’s subtle enough that my husband can wear this out wherever he wants, and not everyone will fully understand the design, but those that do will smile and appreciate the joke.  I’m sure that my husband will get a lot of wear out of this AW Fashions shirt.

I’m very glad that I was able to order this at a promotional discount in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.

NewLife by GelPro Pebble Designer Comfort Mat

Get this great product here: NewLife by GelPro Pebble Designer Comfort Mat

I’ve been seeing anti fatigue floor mats on the market in recent years and was excited to give this GelPro mat a try in our kitchen.  When there are a lot of dishes to be washed, it can get tiring standing in front of the sink for long periods of time, so I was really hoping that this would help to make the task at least a bit more comfortable.  Now that I’ve had the GelPro mat in my kitchen, I couldn’t go back!  First of all, it looks great on our kitchen floor.  This pebble design comes in several color options and the wheat is a nice off-white that is perfect in our mostly white and neutral kitchen scheme.  I like that it is not pure white, so it will be a bit resistant to showing normal dirt from regular use.  The pebble pattern is also quite nice – it has a pattern that looks like a surface paved with small stones, which gives some nice visual detail and also adds to the dirt hiding capability.  

Beyond the look of this mat, though, the most important thing is how it feels, and with that I am so impressed!  The mat has a nice thickness and is filled with a soft gel material, which compresses from the pressure of my feet when I stand on it.  Much like a memory foam pillow, the mat rebounds right back to a flat surface when I step back off, so there are no unsightly indentations or other marks.  The underside of the mat is a rubbery texture that grips onto our linoleum floor quite well, so there is no chance of the mat sliding out from under me while I am on it.

The GelPro mat seems quite durably made.  I suspect that we will have it in our kitchen for a very long time to come!
I’m very glad that I was able to receive this as a free promotional sample in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.

Swarovski Crystal Blue and White Necklace by Fancydeli

Get this great product here: Swarovski Crystal Blue and White Necklace by Fancydeli

IMG_20150828_230154228  IMG_20150828_230315364

I’ve ordered several pieces of jewelry from Fancydeli before and been impressed with the design and quality and this lovely necklace is no exception. I love the style on the pendant. The large light blue crystal looks as if it is floating in silver cage, which itself is adorned with rows of sparkling white crystals. The gently curved lines of the “cage” are so pretty – it really makes the whole thing so graceful. I’m also really happy that the chain included with this is nice quality, with an easy to use lobster style clasp and a couple inches worth of extender chain with large links so that I can customize the length of the necklace to fit the neckline of whatever shirt or dress I am wearing. This necklace can be worn everyday or would also be perfect with a dress and other jewelry for a fancy night out. This necklace would make a wonderful gift – Fancy Deli even includes a small microfiber protective cloth in the high quality necklace box, which makes the whole product extra special.


I’m very glad that I was able to order this as a free promotional sample in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.

AW Fashion’s Stand Back I am Gonna Try Science Shirt

Get this great product here: AW Fashion’s Stand Back I am Gonna Try Science Shirt


I work full time as a scientist and was thrilled when I saw this AW Fashions shirt. I love the “Stand Back I’m Going to do Science” message with the clever images of a test tube, bunsen burner, lab goggles, and Erlenmeyer flask. The whole design has a cool vintage or weathered look with the way that some parts of the letters and images are faded away. This would be a great gift for any science lover, whether a student, teacher, professional scientist, or just someone who likes the subject. The shirt itself is a nice quality cotton and seems that it will be durable for many wears. The fit is just as expected – I got a large for myself wanting it to be a bit roomy for casual use. The fabric is very comfortable. The dark navy blue is nice, because it can go with jeans or with black or khaki pants very easily. I know that I am going to get a LOT of use out of this AW Fashions shirt!


I’m very glad that I was able to order this at a promotional discount in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.