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Lion Mane Mask for Cats or Small Dogs

Get this product here: Lion Mane Mask for Cats or Small Dogs


We have 3 cats in the house, and I knew with Halloween coming up that it would be a lot of fun to try out this lion’s mane mask on them. Sure enough, my daughter was thrilled when I show her that we had a costume that would fit our kitties. The mask is not quite as fluffy and lion-like I’m as I was expecting from the pictures, but it’s still a nicely made and fun product. I like that it has sturdy Velcro to fasten under the animal’s chin, unlike some masks I’ve seen before that have an elastic drawstring which is much harder to deal with. As I expected, our cats weren’t overly thrilled with having something strapped to their heads, but I was able to keep it on them long enough to get a couple of cute photos. On our smallest cat, the mask was really too large and kept scooting forward on her face, but is fit a little better on our larger cats. I suspect that a small dog would be much better at keeping the mask on.


I’m very glad that I was able to order this at a promotional discount in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.

Copper Elbow Compression Sleeve by Primary Health Sports

Get this product here: Copper Elbow Compression Sleeve by Primary Health Sports


I’ve been suffering from discomfort in my arms and hands on and off for several years and I’m always on the lookout for products to help me deal with these issues.  I was happy to try out this elbow sleeve by Primary Health Sports.  Based on the measurement of my arm and their sizing chart I chose the medium.  It goes on easily and provides a nice compression, although I do find the upper elastic band to be a bit tight around my biceps area, especially after prolonged wearing.  It seems that experimenting with how far up on my arm I place the top of the sleeve helps with this. The fabric itself is smooth and thin, and does not cause my arms to overheat or sweat, which is definitely a big plus.  Overall, I think this does help me when I’m using my computer for long periods of time, although I sometimes have to take some breaks from the tightness of the top elastic band.

IMG_20151016_200033472_HDR IMG_20151016_200047180

I’m very glad that I was able to order this as a free promotional sample in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.

Eco-Friendly Coffee Pods for Keurig Machines: Vista Blend by Greater Goods

Get this great product here: Eco-Friendly Coffee Pods for Keurig Machines: Vista Blend by Greater Goods


I take sustainability seriously and try to incorporate being conscious of our planet wherever I can in my life, so I was really intrigued when I saw these eco-friendly C-pods from Greater Goods.  We have a Keurig machine at my office and while I love being able to quickly make a fresh cup of coffee, I really don’t like all the plastic waste that is generated.  These C-pods are truly an ingenious solution to this problem.  They fit into any standard Keurig machine, but look (and work) a bit differently from the normal K-cup.  The lower portion, rather than being rigid plastic, is made of a sturdy paper-like filter material.  This is actually nice in terms of the coffee as well, because it gives an additional filter step to the brew.  I’ve had issues a few times with standard k-cups with some of the coffee grounds coming through the punctured hole into my coffee cup, but with this filter there is no risk of that!  


The pods are packaged in vacuum sealed bags with 6 pods per bag.  As soon as I opened the first bag I immediately released a wonderful coffee aroma and was optimistic that it would taste as good as it smelled.  Indeed, it certainly does!  I am a fan of dark roasts, and this Vista Blend is deep and intense, yet still smooth, without any bitter notes that sometimes accompany dark brews.


In addition, these are a really good deal.  Even the 12 pack sells for under $1 per pod, and the bulk pack of 72 is under 50¢ per serving!  I’m definitely a fan and when my workplace runs low on the other k-cups that we’ve been stocking, I will suggest that they consider ordering from Greater Goods instead.

IMG_20151008_093405215I’m very glad that I was able to order this as a free promotional sample in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.

HILISS My Little Pony Rainbow Cosplay Wig and Tail Set

Get this great product here: HILISS My Little Pony Rainbow Cosplay Wig and Tail Set

 Both of my kids are absolutely obsessed with all things My Little Pony, so when I saw this Hillis Rainbow Dash wig (or mane as my kids like to call it!) and tail from fashion6112012, I was very excited to give them a try. I have several cosplay wigs already, so I was pleased to see that this wig has a nice lining with adjustable elastic straps. The wig itself is a bit on the small side. I have a small to medium sized head for an adult and fairly thick, shoulder length hair. I can easily get the wig cap on my head, but it’s a bit of a struggle to get all my hair fully tucked in. The sizing is perfect though for a small adult or teenager, as well as being small enough that my young kids can try it out (as they immediately insisted!) without it totally swimming on their small heads! The synthetic hair on the wig is a nice quality, and doesn’t seem to get overly tangled with normal use. The rainbow colors are awesome – so vibrant and really gets across the image of the character it is trying to represent!


Then the package is beautifully finished off with the inclusion of the tail. The tail doesn’t have any sort of built in clip or other fastener, but I find it if I just tuck it down the back of my pants, it stays in place quite nicely. It would also be easy to use a large, flat hair clip to help it stay onto a piece of clothing. The hair and colors on the tail perfectly match those on the wig.


This is so much fun for cosplay, Halloween costumes, or just general dress-up play and is a great deal at under $20 for the set!

I’m very glad that I was able to receive this as a free promotional sample in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.

Ohuhu Foldable Laptop Desk

Get this great product here: Ohuhu Foldable Laptop Desk

I suffer from a lot of discomfort in my arms and hands, which is largely exacerbated by ergonomic issues.  The thing I have the toughest time with is using my laptop at home, as I like to use it in the evenings in front of the TV, and this is about the worst possible posture from an ergonomic point of view.  So when I saw this laptop desk from Ohuhu, I was really intrigued and thought that this might help with my issues.  I especially liked the way that the laptop itself can be raised to a more appropriate viewing and typing angle, unlike most other laptop desks I’ve seen.

Now that I’ve had a chance to try this out, I could not be more impressed!  First of all, I can hardly believe how tiny and compact this is when it is all folded up.  I had another folding laptop desk once that took up so much room when it wasn’t in use that it was just constantly in the way.  This one actually could fit in my laptop case if I wanted to!  If you take a look at my video, you’ll see how it fully unfolds, but let me try to explain in the text as well.  There is a button to press to unlock the fully folded version, which opens up like a book.  The four legs then all fold out easily from the corners and are secured in place by folding down a small plastic piece under each leg.  The leg height can be adjusted if desired as well.  The section where the laptop sits can be raised up (push from underneath) and secured in place by swinging out a small piece that is secured on the underside and setting it into the slot on the back of the device.  This support piece can also be adjusted in length to control the angle of the laptop surface.  There are then two small pieces that fold up in the front to provide a small shelf to keep the laptop from sliding off when it’s at an angle.

In addition to all of these adjusting pieces to optimize the height and angle, this also acts as a laptop cooling fan.  Secured on the underside of the desk surface is a retractable USB cord, which plugs into the fan motor on the laptop desk and into your computer (or a USB AC adapter) to provide power.  I’m really impressed with how quiet this fan is, especially when my laptop is in place on top of the fan.  I really can hardly hear it at all (and I’m quite sensitive to low level noises!).  I’ve tried other laptop cooling fans that were much noisier.

My sofa has a recline with a leg support portion that comes out from underneath, so I find if I get that leg support out a bit, it is the perfect angle to rest all four legs of the XXX laptop desk and be in a much more comfortable and properly supported position to use my laptop.  It also works quite nicely if I am sitting on the floor.  If I want to use it without my sofa reclined, I can fold in the legs and use it directly on my lap.  Even in this position it’s great to have the laptop at a better angle.  This is definitely my go to from now on when I am using my laptop at home!

I’m very glad that I was able to order this as a free promotional sample in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.