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Ohuhu Foldable Laptop Desk

Get this great product here: Ohuhu Foldable Laptop Desk

I suffer from a lot of discomfort in my arms and hands, which is largely exacerbated by ergonomic issues.  The thing I have the toughest time with is using my laptop at home, as I like to use it in the evenings in front of the TV, and this is about the worst possible posture from an ergonomic point of view.  So when I saw this laptop desk from Ohuhu, I was really intrigued and thought that this might help with my issues.  I especially liked the way that the laptop itself can be raised to a more appropriate viewing and typing angle, unlike most other laptop desks I’ve seen.

Now that I’ve had a chance to try this out, I could not be more impressed!  First of all, I can hardly believe how tiny and compact this is when it is all folded up.  I had another folding laptop desk once that took up so much room when it wasn’t in use that it was just constantly in the way.  This one actually could fit in my laptop case if I wanted to!  If you take a look at my video, you’ll see how it fully unfolds, but let me try to explain in the text as well.  There is a button to press to unlock the fully folded version, which opens up like a book.  The four legs then all fold out easily from the corners and are secured in place by folding down a small plastic piece under each leg.  The leg height can be adjusted if desired as well.  The section where the laptop sits can be raised up (push from underneath) and secured in place by swinging out a small piece that is secured on the underside and setting it into the slot on the back of the device.  This support piece can also be adjusted in length to control the angle of the laptop surface.  There are then two small pieces that fold up in the front to provide a small shelf to keep the laptop from sliding off when it’s at an angle.

In addition to all of these adjusting pieces to optimize the height and angle, this also acts as a laptop cooling fan.  Secured on the underside of the desk surface is a retractable USB cord, which plugs into the fan motor on the laptop desk and into your computer (or a USB AC adapter) to provide power.  I’m really impressed with how quiet this fan is, especially when my laptop is in place on top of the fan.  I really can hardly hear it at all (and I’m quite sensitive to low level noises!).  I’ve tried other laptop cooling fans that were much noisier.

My sofa has a recline with a leg support portion that comes out from underneath, so I find if I get that leg support out a bit, it is the perfect angle to rest all four legs of the XXX laptop desk and be in a much more comfortable and properly supported position to use my laptop.  It also works quite nicely if I am sitting on the floor.  If I want to use it without my sofa reclined, I can fold in the legs and use it directly on my lap.  Even in this position it’s great to have the laptop at a better angle.  This is definitely my go to from now on when I am using my laptop at home!

I’m very glad that I was able to order this as a free promotional sample in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.


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