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Get this great product here: Apple MacBook Pro MagSafe 1 60 W Power Adapter from Prime 1 Parts

I have a MacBook Pro from mid-2012 with the original style magsafe power adapter port.  I keep my factory charger plugged in on my desk, but when I use my laptop on my sofa in front of hte tv, really wanted an extra charger so I can keep going when the battery starts to run low.  The factory chargers are so expensive from Apple, so I was looking around for alternatives when I saw this Dynamic Charger device from Prime 1 Parts.  I was really intrigued by the range of attractive colors and the small size of the AC adapter portion itself – much less bulky than the factory original charger.  In fact with the colors I had a hard time deciding which one to order – I was tempted by the turquoise, but ended up going with silver, which is quite nice.

Now that I’ve had a chance to try this out, I am so impressed!  First of all, the quality of the materials used is really nice.  The cord is the type that feels like it is silicone coated – I’ve had cords of other types like this before and find that they tend to be more durable and also more resistant to tangling.  I like that there is a velcro bundling strap permanently attached to the cord – this makes it easy to fold up the cord for travel or storage and also allows me to just shorten the cord if I don’t need the full length at any time.  There is also a small cord clip that slides along the length of the clip that lets the cord be doubled up (basically a hairpin turn) to just slightly restrict the length.

Most importantly though is the performance of the device as a charger.  In this respect, it is doing a great job.  The magsafe adapter pairs perfectly with the plug on my MacBook Pro and has a light (red when charging, green when fully charged) just like the Apple cord.  It seems to charge my laptop just as fast, if not faster, as the original power source – I was concerned that the smaller AC adapter box might not have as much power, but that has not been a problem at all.  I’ve tried other third party MacBook Pro power cords and had issues that one of them worked, but actually the whole cord got extremely hot while in use.  there are no such problems with the product from Prime 1 Parts.  The cord (and AC adapter) all remain at safe temperatures, in fact there is no noticeable heating at all on the cord.

All in all, I am extremely happy with this product.  It works perfectly when I’m using my laptop on the sofa and is so compact that it will be great when I’m traveling since it is lightweight and won’t take much space in my laptop case.

I’m very glad that I was able to order this as a free promotional sample in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.


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