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Get this great product here: Rockstix 2 Neon Color Changing Light-up Drumsticks

My daughter has been taking drum lessons for almost a year now and absolutely loves it, so I was looking around for some fun drum-related items for the holidays when I came across these RockStix 2 HD light up color changing drumsticks.  I knew these would be perfect for her – indeed, my daughter’s eyes lit up when she opened them and I explained how they worked.  The drumsticks themselves couldn’t be easier to use – they are a clear lucite type plastic and at the bottom of each is a battery compartment with button cell style batteries.  There appears to be a wire swirls around the whole length of each stick, which is what makes all the “magic” happen.  

These drumsticks are just so cool!  When they make contact with a solid surface, the wire lights up, and with each stroke the color of that light changes!  Because the sticks are clear plastic, this light illuminates the entire stick – it really appears like they are glowing.  They look amazing in a darkened room while my daughter is practicing on her drum set or drum pad and they will be so much fun when she has a performance to use them at as well.  Especially if the room is dark enough and the sticks are moving quickly, you can see colored light trails in the air, following the up and down motions of the drumsticks.  The sticks seem to be quite sturdy and I hope will last for a long time.
I’m very glad that I was able to receive this as a free promotional sample in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.


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