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Get this great product here: Silk Pillowcase Floral and Butterfly Print by Ibrafashion


My daughter decided last year to start growing her hair out (from a boyish cut), and as it’s gotten longer, the tangles have gotten terrible!  Her thick, fine hair tangles and matts, especially in the back of her head when she gets up in the morning.  A friend of mine recommended that we try silk pillowcases to help reduce the overnight friction that leads to the tangles.  I happened to have one in plain white and was amazed after the first night what a difference there was to her hair.  Of course no 7 year old is really excited about a solid white pillowcase, so I came onto Amazon and was really excited when I saw the beautiful range of prints from Ibrafashion.  It wasn’t easy to choose which one to order, but I really liked this one because it had both butterflies and flowers.


My daughter was so excited when I opened up the pillowcase and showed it to her!  The colors are extremely vibrant and the silk material feels wonderfully smooth.  The stitching around the edges of the pillowcase seems quite sturdy and good quality and in fact I like the design detail that there is a second line of stitching about an inch in from the edge.  This gives a distinctive border to the pillow that gives an extra classy touch and makes it look really nice on my daughter’s bed.  Most importantly, the silk material, like our other pillowcase, really helps to cut down on her tangles, which is huge for both of us!

I’m very glad that I was able to order this at a promotional discount in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.


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