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Pebblebee Stone Smart Button

Get this great product here: Pebblebee Stone Smart Button

I always enjoy trying new gadgets and gizmos with my smartphone, so I was really excited to try out this Pebblebee smart button.   For such a tiny device, it really has a huge range of potential functions.   Along with the free Pebblebee app  on my Android phone, I can pair the button via Bluetooth and then set up actions for it to control.   I should mention that it seems to lose the Bluetooth connection a bit easier than I would expect, although sometimes I’m not sure when it shows that the device is out of range in the app if this is truly correct, because when I then press the pebble button, it immediately displays as paired and carries out the expected action.

The button has the ability to be programmed for two actions at once, one for a short press, and one for a longer hold. I do wish there was a bit more distinction as to how long is required for a hold. It seems like if I hold it down for a couple seconds, it still carries out a short press action. I need to hold it down for several seconds in order to make sure it does the hold action.  The Pebblebee app gives 5 action choices: send text, make call, take picture, sound alarm, and IFTTT.   

Send text can be used to send a standard pre written message to predefined contacts. This could be useful if you’d Quickly send a message saying that you’re busy or driving to acknowledge that you will get in touch with me as soon as you can.

Make call immediately has your phone call a pre selected contact. This is a nice single click to call a frequently used contact.   

Take picture not only acts as a remote shutter button, it actually launches the camera app. This is convenient, although given that there is a short delay between pressing the button and carrying out the action, it doesn’t necessarily work to capture an immediate image of something that is fleeting.

Sound alarm can be used to help find a way work phone. Activating this action makes my phone put out a very loud alarm, even if the phone was on mute. This could definitely be useful, although be aware that it is VERY loud.

The most versatile and interesting action is IFTTT.   I hadn’t previously been familiar with IFTTT, which stands for “If This Then That”.  Basically it allows for very simple programming of “recipes”, Which as the acronym suggests, prescribed that when one action is taken, another will follow.. That first action can be pressing the Pebblebee button.   I currently have a recipe that another user posted on the IFTTT website set for my hold action, and it automatically mutes my phone.  I like being able to fully mute my phone with a single button press.  I’m having fun exploring IFTTT and trying to write some of my own recipes as well.

Overall I’d say this is a sturdy and well designed device, although the delay between the button press and the action can cause issues in some cases, and the Bluetooth pairing indication seems like it’s a bit off in the Pebblebee app.  For just under $30, this is a good value.
I’m very glad that I was able to order this as a free promotional sample in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.


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