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My AdoramaPix Hex Print!

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When I first saw these metal photo prints from AdoramaPix, I was so intrigued by the concept.  I have to say I’d never really considered printing photos on metal, but now that I have my print, I think it is such a natural and great idea.  The process of designing and ordering my hex print (9.5″ x 11″ is the size I have) was really simple on the AdoramaPix website.  I was able to upload my photo and simply zoom and crop it as I wanted right with their interface.  I could also apply some very simple filters like choosing to make the photo black and white, but I had already done my normal color optimization previously and was happy with how the picture looked.  I did take a few minutes to fool around with zooming it to different degrees to get the crop just right, since there wasn’t a lot of extra space above my kids’ heads and I wanted to try to cut off as little of their faces as possible.

I knew I wanted to hang my print on the wall in our hallway, so I decided to go with the floating mount.  Honestly I was a bit confused by the photos on the AdoramaPix website as to exactly how this mount would look and work.  Somehow their images made it difficult for me to tell how large it was and how a picture hook would be able to attach to the back of the print.  Still I liked the photos of ones that were on the wall with the floating mount, so I decided to take a chance and am glad that I did.  The mount is basically like a small wooden frame on the back of the middle of the prince. The inside edges have slanted ridges which gives a spot for the mount to grip onto a hook or the head of a large nail.  I used a large picture hook (I found that my smaller picture hooks weren’t quite wide enough to fit around the mount portion).  The picture hook is working fine, although it does cause the print is slightly be tilted away from the wall, so next time I might use a large headed nail instead.

Enough about the mount, let’s talk about the metal print itself.  I absolutely love this print!  the metal sheet is fairly thin and lighter than I expected, so it really doesn’t need a huge hook or nail to support the weight.  The colors and photo details are vibrant and exactly as I would expect for any other type of professional photo print. I’m so pleased with the hex shape – it’s something a little different and breaks up the monotony of all of the rectangular picture frames on the other side of my upstairs hallway. I may have to consider getting a few more hexes to make a cool a honeycomb style photo collage.
I’m very glad that I was able to order this as a free promotional sample in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.


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