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Get this great product here: NatraCure Deep Hydrating Mitts

I’ve been dealing for a long time with discomfort in my hands and arms, and am always looking for new products to try to help relieve this pain, so when I saw these heating mitts from NatraCure, I was really intrigued and excited to give them a try.  The two large minutes have that multiple layers of different materials to make them work.  Inside the thick outer fabric layer, the whole mitt is lined with a gel type material, which helps to spread the heat around evenly.  Then past this gel is another material which is what heats up the most when I warm these up in the microwave.  


I warm them for 30 seconds at a time, and take them out after each period in the microwave and squeeze the gel layer around so that it picks up the heat and I get the whole mitts equally warm.  I find with my microwave that I prefer to heat for a total of 120 seconds to get them to the heat level that feels good for my hands, although I know this is more than the recommended max time in the instructions.  The mitts have a Velcro closure at the wrist which makes them easy to secure on and they stay nicely warm for about 20 min.  After I take my hands out, they feel relaxed and the skin feels soft thanks to the oils in the gel lining of the gloves.  In fact I usually rub the skin on my hands a bit to fully get those oils into the skin.

I was concerned that the oils in the gel might have an overly strong scent (since I am sensitive to a lot of perfume type scents), but that is not the case at all.  I can’t quite put my finger on the scent, but it is mild, very pleasant, and does not at all aggravate my allergies.

I noticed that one of the other reviews is complaining that they can’t be worn all night, because they get cold.  This confuses me a bit – I’ve never seen any sort of non-electric product that would stay warm overnight and never would have expected that.  It’s very clear to me that this is intended to warm up in the microwave for relatively short treatments.

I do wish that there was a separate thumb area in the mitt since the base of my thumbs is one of my problem areas. I usually try to fold the gel material so that it rests in between my thumb and first finger, but it would be easier if there was a distinct area for the thumb to be surrounded by gel and fabric.

Overall I’m pleased with the product and expect to get a lot of use out of this NatraCure glove set.

I’m very glad that I was able to order this as a free promotional sample in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.

Let me know what you think!

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