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Brooklyn Beans Roastery Bold Variety K-Cup Pack

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Having now tried all four types in the Brooklyn Beans Roastery Bold Variety Pack K-cups, I am really impressed with the quality and flavor of these intense brews.  The pack includes 10 each of French Roast, Cyclone, Espress-O, and Fuhgeddaboutit.  I use K-cups primarily at work, where I have access to a Keurig machine that is available for my department.  I really enjoy the flavor of a good cup of coffee and won’t just drink bad coffee for the caffeine boost.  The K-cups that my work provides are ok, but not the greatest and I often find that I need to add sugar to cut the bitterness.  With every one of the Brooklyn Beans coffees, I am able to enjoy the coffee just on its own unless I’m specifically in the mood for some sweetness, because the roasts are incredibly smooth with no harsh or bitter notes.  I should also mention that these all worked very smoothly with the Keurig machine, fitting in and brewing just as I would expect any other K-cup I’ve tried before.

Let me give my thoughts now about each of the dark roast varieties:

French Roast: This gives a beautiful deep sienna colored cup of coffee with a slightly woodsy aroma.  The woodsy and smoky character definitely comes through in the flavor, but is moderate enough that it is not at all bitter.  It is easy to drink and gives me the boost in the morning that I’m looking for.

French Roast (1)

Cyclone: The Cyclone brew is a deep, silky brown.  It has some nice woodsy notes and somehow makes me feel like I should be sitting around a campfire!  It has a very nice smooth flavor – a bit more intense I think than the French Roast.

Cyclone (1)

Fughgeddaboutit: First of all I just have to say that I love the name of this coffee – so clever and funny!  This intensely concentrated black coffee has a wonderful bold flavor, yet is still smooth enough to drink on its own.  I enjoyed this one as well with a tiny splash of vanilla creamer.


Express-O:  I think this may be my favorite of the four if I had to choose.  The aroma is fantastic – it really smells like I’m walking into a nice coffee shop where a barista is expertly preparing espresso drinks.  I wouldn’t expect such an intensely deep dark brew to taste so smooth, but really I love just sipping this on its own.  It’s a great treat for a break from work in the afternoon.


All in all it is clear that Brooklyn Beans takes care to use high quality ingredients and methods to deliver a really great cup of coffee!

I’m very glad that I was able to receive this as a free promotional sample in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.