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Toddler Caterpillar Clogs and GIVEAWAY by Clogstrom

Get this great product here: Toddler Caterpillar Clogs Unisex Shoes by Clogstrom


Kids certainly get all the cutest clothes and accessories, and these adorable caterpillar clogs from Clogstrom are no exception. I was so excited when my pair showed up in the mail. The colors are just as vibrant as I hoped from the photos in the Amazon listing. As you can see, I have the green and black striped version (although I must say that picking out a color option with my 4 year old son was quite a challenge since there are so many great choices!). I love the little antennae that stick up in front – such a great, fun detail!


The material seems very sturdy and good quality, with a nice cushioned feel that seems like it would be quite comfortable. I love how easy it is to slip these on and off – anyone with young children knows how stressful it can be getting ready to leave the house, so shoes that are easy to deal with are always a huge plus in my book! I really appreciate that there is the strap which can rotate freely to the most convenient position. For my son, it’s best to have a strap in the back to help hold his foot in, but if your child prefers an open back, the strap can easily rotate forward and blend in with the front part of the caterpillar.


I have the size 8, which seems to fit my son nicely. He has been wearing a size 8.5 sneaker, so there is definitely a bit of extra “wiggle room” in the toe area, which is great for growing kids. Hopefully he won’t keep growing quite TOO fast so he can enjoy these for the whole summer! They are great for walking around outside on the sidewalk or grass and I know they’ll be perfect for our trips to the beach over the summer. I only wish that they came in even larger sizes, as my daughter (wearing a size 11 currently) would love them as well! I’m very happy (and so is my son!) that I was able to receive these as a promotional sample in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.

Would you like to win a pair of these adorable clogs for your favorite little one?  You can choose from any of the colors shown below, and sizes from Little Kid’s 4 to 8.