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Get this great product here: Acediscoball Girls’ Sequin and Tulle Dress

I saw this girl’s fancy party dress and thought it might be perfect for my daughter for our upcoming cruise vacation, since there are formal evenings on the ship. I was impressed at how many color options there are to choose from. My daughter looked through them with me and picked out the purple to order. I think she made a good choice here – it’s a lovely dark purple that really complements her olive skin and dark hair. She is 8, but small for her age, so based on the measurement chart on the Amazon listing, I got the one listed as “Size 7 US – suitable for 6-7 year olds”. This fits her very well – comfortable without being overly loose.

My daughter is absolutely thrilled with her new dress! It really will be perfect for our formal nights. I’m impressed with the construction here – there is a nice quality zipper in the back that makes it easy to get the dress on and off. The sequins on the top and front bowtie are securely sewn onto the fabric and I like the way that the sequins are a darker purple than the rest of the dress – this really accentuates the sparkle even more. The tulle underskirt gives the dress a nice amount of volume and makes it look extra fun when my daughter dances around. The wide ribbon sash is easy to tie into a bow in the back, which also gives some chance to control how tight the waist is for each wearer.

Most importantly is that my daughter loves the way this dress looks and feels and is really looking forward to wearing it for our special vacation!

I’m very glad that I was able to receive this as a free promotional sample in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.


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