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Face Painting Kit by OmegaPet

Get this great product here:  Face Painting Kit by OmegaPetIMG_20150426_141248015_HDR

I have two young kids, and like most kids they absolutely love getting their face or hand painting at a street fair, carnival, or special party, but we’ve never done face painting at home. They were both so excited when this kit showed up – they wanted to get started with it right away! When I opened up the box, I found that each of the 8 colors of paint has a small circular piece of plastic protective film on it. I’m sure it was put there to make sure everything remains in place during shipping, but it was a bit hard to remove. Once I grabbed my fine point tweezers from the bathroom though, it wasn’t too hard to get each of the films off without damaging the paint beneath. In the photo below you can see the plastic film off to the side of the kit.  Beyond that small detail in the way the product is assembled, this is a great kit!

IMG_20150426_141717910I mentioned already that there are 8 colors: red, yellow, light blue, dark blue, purple, green, black, and white. We started out simple with the brush. All I needed to do was use the brush to drop a couple drops of water onto the surface of the pain and it was ready to go. The brush does a nice job of drawing fine lines on the skin and easily rinses off with water to switch between colors. I easily did a heart on my daughter’s hand and then my son asked for “The Hulk”, so I drew a little green person with purple pants – LOL! We also tried out the sponge applicators, which are nice to get coverage of a broader area. My almost 5 year old son actually found that he preferred to use these sponge “sticks” as he had better control with this than the brush (although my 7 year old preferred the brush). Yes, that’s right, I let my kids experiment with the paints on their own arms and hands and they had a BLAST! My daughter even grabbed a hand mirror and drew cat whiskers and ears on her own face – so cute!


It was really fun to watch what they could create. If they needed to “erase” a mistake, a paper towel with warm water took off the paint in a hurry. If the paint was especially dark, a drop of dishsoap helped the erasing be a bit more thorough. When we were all done and they were ready for bed, it was easy to use warm water to rinse off all the fun so it wouldn’t get on their sheets. I will say though that it stayed on surprisingly well for several hours with no smearing or obvious transfer to their clothes, so that is impressive!


This would be a great starter face and body paint kit for a kid’s party or to add extra fun to a Halloween costume. The colors are bright and vibrant with a great range so you can cover pretty much anything your kids desire. Extra brushes might be useful if more than one person is going to want to be painting at once, but any inexpensive fine tip brush from a crafts store will do just fine! My only other comment is that I wish there were a plastic case to store the paints in – for now I just slid the tray back into the cardboard product box, but if I was going to be transporting this around a lot to events or parties it might not wear so well. I’m very glad that I was able to order this as a promotional sample in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.

Video of me and my 4 year old painting a heart on his hand:
Video of my 7 year old painting a flower on her own arm:



Jumbo Car Windshield Sunshade by X-Shade

Get this great product here: Jumbo Car Windshield Sunshade by X-Shade


I’ve used a number of different windshield shades over the years and was in need of a new one, so I was excited to try out the X-Shade jumbo sunshade. This sunshade has a nylon panels within a thin metal frame that folds up into a small round shape. I really like that instead of two separate round panels, this is all a single piece connected in the middle so that there are no gaps at all. With others I’ve used in the past it is a struggle to figure out how to best overlap the two pieces and there is usually some small gaps where sun can get through. With the X-Shade design, the ENTIRE windshield is perfectly covered, which helps keep my car as cool as possible even in the hot summer sun. The two sides of the shade are silver and black – the silver side goes so that it faces out of the car, in order to reflect the sun, while the black is good at absorbing heat inside the car. There is a sturdy, wide elastic strap that can be used to keep the shade from popping open when it is folded up and not in use. I also like that there is a sleeve for storage – this is especially handy when the seasons change and I don’t expect to be using the sunshade as often, so putting it in the sleeve will keep it in good condition until sunny weather returns. The entire construction of the X-Shade seems to be be top quality, so I suspect that this will last me for a long time to come. I’m very pleased that I was able to order this as a promotional sample in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.



Vita Sciences Maxasorb D3 Vitamin D Cream

Get this great product here: Vita Sciences Maxasorb D3 Vitamin D Cream


I found a few years back that my Vitamin D levels were surprisingly low and have been taking supplemental Vitamin D ever since.  I’m always interested in finding additional ways to boost my Vitamin D levels and was really intrigued when I heard about this Vita Sciences cream.  What a great idea to get some of my Vitamin D absorbed straight through my skin!  The dispenser is really well designed – each pump is designed to give the right amount of cream for 1000 IU of Vitamin D, which normally would require a large pill or multiple small pills.  I’m amazed actually at how little cream it takes to get 1000 IU – very cool!  The cream itself has no significant scent, which is a big plus since I have allergy issues and always prefer skin products without added perfumes and artificial fragrances.  The cream has a nice texture and very easily absorbs into my skin without leaving any greasy residue.  I’m pleased that I was able to order this as a promotional sample in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.

Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser by Emmi’s Essentials with GIVEAWAY

Get this great product here: Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser with Multi-colored Lights by Emmi’s Essential


I’ve really been enjoying using essential oils since I started building up my personal collection over the last couple months.  They are great to use right on my skin for certain uses, but to really spread those great aromas throughout my home, a diffuser is the best tool.  This Emmi’s Essential diffuser is really a great quality product.  I’m really impressed with how high volume the stream of mist is that comes out of this diffuser instantly when I press the button to turn it on.  Having that fast flow with good power behind it means that the scents are nicely spread around my bedroom, bathroom or kitchen.  I like that they included volume measurements right on the side of the water reservoir, so I can easily tell how much water I’ve put in and when it is at max capacity.  The built in timer is a great feature as well – other diffusers I have just keep going until they run to empty, but I like with this that I can just set it to go for just a half hour if I’m using it as I fall asleep or if I just want to help get rid of some unpleasant scents somewhere in my house.  The colored lights are so much fun and I like that I can use the lights even without the mist being on.  Pressing the light button once starts a beautiful cycle through every color in the rainbow.  When I press it again, it “freezes” on whatever color it currently is on, then a third press turns off the light completely.  It is very easy to use and very sturdily made, so I know that I’ll be using this for a long time to come.  I’m very happy that I was able to order this as a promotional sample in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.

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Living Beatitudes Essential Oil Set

Get this great product here: Living Beatitudes Essential Oil Set


Over just the last couple months I’ve been starting to build up a personal collection of essential oils, and I love using them for everything from stress reduction to healing properties to just making a room smell good.  This set from Living Beatitudes is such a nice addition to the ones I already have.  First of all, it comes in such a lovely box with a protective foam insert inside to keep each bottle safe.  It looks so nice – it would make a fantastic gift!  Inside are four 10 mL bottles: orange oil, eucalyptus oil, lemongrass oil, and pine oil.


I appreciate that all of the bottles have the European style dropper inserts so that its easy to just get out a small amount and I don’t waste these precious oils.  The inside of the box lid also gives really nice descriptions with suggested uses for each oil.  So enough about the box and the bottles…how about what’s inside?  These oils are clearly really great quality.  The scents are so concentrated that a drop or two really goes a long way.

The orange oil smells amazing – like a freshly squeezed orange!  It’s great to help perk up my senses on a tired day or when I’m feeling stressed.  I like a small dab on my wrist or using it in a diffuser.  It also can be used for cleaning, since citrus oils are awesome at degreasing, but I happen to have a larger bottle of lemon oil, so I’ll probably just use the lemon for that purpose.

Eucalyptus is one of my favorite essential oils.  It makes me think back to college – there were ancient eucalyptus trees on campus and when I had a bad cold I would grab some of the fallen leaves, crush them in my hands, and breathe in the aroma.  The essential oil is a lot easier and less messy – no dried leaf crumbs everywhere!  It really is amazing at clearing up my sinuses during cold and flu season or when my allergies are acting up. I also find it awesome for stress relief.  This Living Beatitudes product smells exactly like a real eucalyptus leaf – it’s perfect!

I was really curious for the lemongrass oil.  I love lots of Asian cuisines that use lemongrass, but I wasn’t sure what the aroma is of lemongrass on its own.  It’s hard to exactly explain, but it is wonderfully citrusy and woodsy at the same time.  It is so nice also in my diffuser blended with orange or lemon oil to amp up the citrus note.  I haven’t had a chance to try this for medicinal purposes yet, but am really impressed with the range of things it can be used for, including such things as joint pain, acne, and even to keep insects at bay.

The last one in the set is pine oil.  I can definitely attest that this is concentrated, pure pine oil.  For me, it’s not favorite though because I happen to be allergic to pine and some other tree species!  I still took a small whiff of this and ended up with a small headache – totally my fault!  My husband smelled it as well (a bit more deeply than I was willing to) and further verified that the smell is very authentic.

This whole thing is a great set for experienced essential oils or those looking to get started with a personal collection.  I’m so happy that I was able to order this at a discount in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.

Toddler Caterpillar Clogs and GIVEAWAY by Clogstrom

Get this great product here: Toddler Caterpillar Clogs Unisex Shoes by Clogstrom


Kids certainly get all the cutest clothes and accessories, and these adorable caterpillar clogs from Clogstrom are no exception. I was so excited when my pair showed up in the mail. The colors are just as vibrant as I hoped from the photos in the Amazon listing. As you can see, I have the green and black striped version (although I must say that picking out a color option with my 4 year old son was quite a challenge since there are so many great choices!). I love the little antennae that stick up in front – such a great, fun detail!


The material seems very sturdy and good quality, with a nice cushioned feel that seems like it would be quite comfortable. I love how easy it is to slip these on and off – anyone with young children knows how stressful it can be getting ready to leave the house, so shoes that are easy to deal with are always a huge plus in my book! I really appreciate that there is the strap which can rotate freely to the most convenient position. For my son, it’s best to have a strap in the back to help hold his foot in, but if your child prefers an open back, the strap can easily rotate forward and blend in with the front part of the caterpillar.


I have the size 8, which seems to fit my son nicely. He has been wearing a size 8.5 sneaker, so there is definitely a bit of extra “wiggle room” in the toe area, which is great for growing kids. Hopefully he won’t keep growing quite TOO fast so he can enjoy these for the whole summer! They are great for walking around outside on the sidewalk or grass and I know they’ll be perfect for our trips to the beach over the summer. I only wish that they came in even larger sizes, as my daughter (wearing a size 11 currently) would love them as well! I’m very happy (and so is my son!) that I was able to receive these as a promotional sample in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.

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Bubble Therapy Pure and Natural Bubble Bath, Shampoo & Body wash, 3 in 1 by Sweetsation

Get this great product here: Bubble Therapy Pure and Natural Bubble Bath, Shampoo & Body wash, 3 in 1 by SweetsationhLC5JHJaKKla4G022m98H8A_2rOI5tzKLtIR8jdLAszC=w338-h707-no-3yfUNnlti0LeqXbMEvapMD9lcnS1FV4dO0kWZz4DyB73_=w344-h708-no

For the last few years, I’ve made a really concerted effort to use natural personal care products for myself and my kids whenever possible, especially ones that are free of chemicals like parabens and phthalates that have been shown to possibly disrupt the body’s hormone system. There are a lot of natural bath wash/shampoo products for kids, but I’ve struggled to find good bubble baths that we like, so I was excited to find this Sweetsation product to try. I love the scent of it – it’s not overly strong and doesn’t aggravate my seasonal allergies at all, but has a very pleasant, slightly sweet fragrance. I also really like that it includes calendula, which I’m familiar with from some lotions and healing balms. I felt extra happy using this on my daughter who had scraped her hip badly on the playground, since I knew that the calendula could only be good to help her skin. I really like that the bottle is flat on the top, so I can easily turn it upside down on the counter as it starts to run low to make it easier to get the product out. The only downside to this is that there is no cap to help measure it out when using as bubble bath, but I found that a few good sized squirts did a good job of getting some nice suds in the tub for my kids to both enjoy! My kids loved the bubbles and got clean at the same time – what more can Mom ask? I’m very glad that I had the chance to order this as a promotional sample in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.


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