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Living Beatitudes Essential Oil Set

Get this great product here: Living Beatitudes Essential Oil Set


Over just the last couple months I’ve been starting to build up a personal collection of essential oils, and I love using them for everything from stress reduction to healing properties to just making a room smell good.  This set from Living Beatitudes is such a nice addition to the ones I already have.  First of all, it comes in such a lovely box with a protective foam insert inside to keep each bottle safe.  It looks so nice – it would make a fantastic gift!  Inside are four 10 mL bottles: orange oil, eucalyptus oil, lemongrass oil, and pine oil.


I appreciate that all of the bottles have the European style dropper inserts so that its easy to just get out a small amount and I don’t waste these precious oils.  The inside of the box lid also gives really nice descriptions with suggested uses for each oil.  So enough about the box and the bottles…how about what’s inside?  These oils are clearly really great quality.  The scents are so concentrated that a drop or two really goes a long way.

The orange oil smells amazing – like a freshly squeezed orange!  It’s great to help perk up my senses on a tired day or when I’m feeling stressed.  I like a small dab on my wrist or using it in a diffuser.  It also can be used for cleaning, since citrus oils are awesome at degreasing, but I happen to have a larger bottle of lemon oil, so I’ll probably just use the lemon for that purpose.

Eucalyptus is one of my favorite essential oils.  It makes me think back to college – there were ancient eucalyptus trees on campus and when I had a bad cold I would grab some of the fallen leaves, crush them in my hands, and breathe in the aroma.  The essential oil is a lot easier and less messy – no dried leaf crumbs everywhere!  It really is amazing at clearing up my sinuses during cold and flu season or when my allergies are acting up. I also find it awesome for stress relief.  This Living Beatitudes product smells exactly like a real eucalyptus leaf – it’s perfect!

I was really curious for the lemongrass oil.  I love lots of Asian cuisines that use lemongrass, but I wasn’t sure what the aroma is of lemongrass on its own.  It’s hard to exactly explain, but it is wonderfully citrusy and woodsy at the same time.  It is so nice also in my diffuser blended with orange or lemon oil to amp up the citrus note.  I haven’t had a chance to try this for medicinal purposes yet, but am really impressed with the range of things it can be used for, including such things as joint pain, acne, and even to keep insects at bay.

The last one in the set is pine oil.  I can definitely attest that this is concentrated, pure pine oil.  For me, it’s not favorite though because I happen to be allergic to pine and some other tree species!  I still took a small whiff of this and ended up with a small headache – totally my fault!  My husband smelled it as well (a bit more deeply than I was willing to) and further verified that the smell is very authentic.

This whole thing is a great set for experienced essential oils or those looking to get started with a personal collection.  I’m so happy that I was able to order this at a discount in order to evaluate and provide my honest review.